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Criminally Smooth Body Sugar- The Natural, Simple, Best Way To Remove Unwanted Body Hair
Criminally Smooth Body Sugar- The Natural, Simple, Best Way To Remove Unwanted Body Hair Criminally Smooth Body Sugar- The Natural, Simple, Best Way To Remove Unwanted Body Hair Criminally Smooth Body Sugar- The Natural, Simple, Best Way To Remove Unwanted Body Hair

Criminally Smooth Body Sugar- The Natural, Simple, Best Way To Remove Unwanted Body Hair

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Unwanted body hair can be embarrassing, but who wants to shave everyday?


According to Cosmopolitan magazine, the average American woman spends seventy-two days of her life shaving her legs. Even the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide, one of the best disposable razors on the market, has a blade life of just five weeks.


Stop wasting your valuable money and time on a chore that leaves you with irritated skin and next day stubble. 


Only the ancient art of body sugaring can give you beautifully smooth skin for weeks without the pain of waxing.


Body sugaring is a hair removal technique that Arab and African peoples have been using since before the days of Cleopatra. 


This natural, simple beauty staple smells like fresh baked cookies and will leave your skin SMOOTH and BARE for up to six weeks!


Sugar paste is made with four simple ingredients: sugar, water, lemon and salt. Because it is all natural, body sugar is 100% safe for use on children and expecting moms.


Get rid of your razor and get silky smooth skin the natural, simple and best way with Golden Goddess Cosmetics Criminally Smooth Body Sugar.


4 oz supply lasts 6+ months on average.


Directions For Use:


As always, exfoliate before you use any hair removal method. This will remove dead skin cells and help the product stick to your hair (yay!) and not your skin (ouch!).


Apply body sugar when your skin is clean, dry, and free of oils.


Body sugar is easy to apply and remove. There are only three things you need to use body sugar:


- body sugar (included)

- your fingers (not included)

- paper strips (included)


Take a jellybean sized pinch of the body sugar and smear it on in the opposite direction of hair growth. Smooth three times, making sure you coat the roots of your unwanted hair with the sugar.


Next, take your paper strip and smooth again (still in the opposite direction of hair growth).


Hold your skin tight! The tighter you hold the skin around the hair, the less painful removal will be.


Now you are ready for the moment of truth-- rip the paper off in the direction of hair growth.


You will feel a bit silly when you realize you yelped in anticipation of pain, but it didn't actually hurt. This is common among goddesses-in-training. Admire your smooth skin while you ponder what to do with the money you won't be spending on disposable razors.

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