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Zebra Earrings - Pure .999FS Fine Silver
Zebra Earrings - Pure .999FS Fine Silver Zebra Earrings - Pure .999FS Fine Silver Zebra Earrings - Pure .999FS Fine Silver Zebra Earrings - Pure .999FS Fine Silver Zebra Earrings - Pure .999FS Fine Silver

Zebra Earrings - Pure .999FS Fine Silver

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These beautiful simple zebra print statement earrings are made from precious metal, pure silver. For an additional touch, a substance called Liver of Sulfur was added to make your piece one-of-a-kind.



The zebra reminds us of the beauty of unity and freedom. Similar to human fingerprints, their stripe pattern is unique to each animal. They recognize each other by this, bringing the herd together. They rely on community, showing us it takes a village. Their unity protects them from predators. When a lion looks at a herd of zebras, it will be stunned by what may seem to be a mass chaos of zigzags. They appear as a mirage. Their camouflage is not a result of them blending in - it is only useful in a herd. The zebra has been unable to be domesticated. It refuses to be tamed. Regardless of what is thrown their way, all the zebra knows is that it MUST be free. (Summary of by Avia)

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