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FairER Trade: 10gram SAMPLE PACKAGE - Natural Halal/Kosher Organic, (not 'enhanced' or genetically modified) 100% Pure Leaf SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal VEGAN MORINGA POWDER! SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal WeBuyBlack.com Convention

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$7.50 FOR 10 grams OF 100% PURE LEAF 




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    10gr Moringa Ad 3

Product: Moringa Olifera Powder

Other names:  Drumstick Tree, Horseradish Tree

Names in other languages around the world: Burmese: daintha, dandalonbin, dan da lun, dan da lun bin
 Chinese: la mu
 Hindi: मनु गा munagaa, munga ara, munuga, muranka,
 Japanese: マルンガイ marungai,モリンガ・オレイフェラ marunga oreifera, ワサビノキ wasabi no ki,
wasabi no ki
 Khmer: daem mrom, daem mrum
 Lao: b'loum
 Malay: kachang kelur, kelor (Bali, Java), kalor (Indonesia), lemunggai, meringgai, remunggai, sajor kelor,
semunggai, smunggai, semunggai, tjelor (Bali)
 Tagalog: kalungai, kamalungua, malongai, malungai, malunggay talbos, mulangai, mulangay, mulanggay
 Thai: มะรุม ma rum
 Vietnamese: chùm ngây

Interesting side note:  Japanese green hot pepper sauce (Wasabi) is made from Moringa!  I LOVE THAT STUFF! 

Our Moringa Olifera is 100% AUTHENTIC & ORGANIC, VEGAN, HALAL/KOSHER (no fertilizer or compost) and NON MODIFIED!  

PURE LEAF... not roots, stems, sticks and whatever else you'll commonly find advertised.  You'll see notes about 'enhanced Moringa' and 'modified Moringa' on google.... that's GMO Moringa - it's better to stay away from as many GMO products as you can, especially 'health' foods and supplements.  We manufacture and sell African Moringa - it grows WILD in Sub Saharan Africa and specifically in Senegal, West Africa.  (see my tree on my back porch?!  Photo 3).  I'm #ADOS AMERICAN from Pensacola, Florida originally and I have lived and worked in Dakar, Senegal for 20+ years in the tourism industry and as a online/internet wholesale distributor of various manufacturing lines under the names SenegalStyle & AfricanHerbal.   

We have a long and honest track record of service on TripAdvisor and The Lonely Planet (SenegalStyle TOURS!) so FEEL FREE to do a background check before you buy.  I want you to FEEL COMFORTABLE with your purchase and that you can TRUST ME to take your orders and ship your products in a timely fashion. I list ALL our SenegalStyle & AfricanHerbal items as 'FairER TRADE' because, quite frankly, it is.  There is no middleman/NGO reselling our products at a hefty markup to you and a hefty commission to them.  

You buy directly from me/us and I ship directly to you.  
That's FairER TRADE right?  


Let's just say this up front:  MOST Moringa is genetically modified to grow in tropical areas BY MONSANTO.... 'tis true.  AUTHENTIC AFRICAN Moringa Olifera, the type that I sell is a a DESSERT TREE and grows wild - it doesn't need genetic modification, it's GREAT the way GOD MADE IT!  But, because Moringa is now a multi million dollar industry, factory farms to produce seed pods, leaves and Moringa powder it's gone 'big time' as they say and small producers like us in Senegal are being shut out of the market by ridiculously low prices and large scale farming in India, China, Uganda, Kenya, the Caribbean, Hawaii, California & FL.  

People growing Moringa in ALL those places, even individual farmers, use GMO seeds.  It's on utube.  Moringa won't grow in tropical areas naturally... AUTHENTIC MORINGA is a desert tree from West Africa and RARE.  There's Moringa from all over the world now with the magic of good marketing campaigns, fertilizers and cheap GMO seeds.  

We don't have bargain basement prices on our Moringa because it's not a bargain basement product AND it's 100% Halal/Kosher & grows naturally, fertilizer free.  It's GREAT FOR VEGANS because of the nutritional content, grown and shipped by me DIRECTLY FROM WEST AFRICA. (Senegal)

Genetically modified products are CHEAP... the seeds are made in a lab and sold for pennies - you know that but people buy it anyway.   

I don't eat GMO products personally even though it's in all American products.  I simply avoid American foods that are pre-processed and make my American or Senegalese style meals myself.  If I eat in a restaurant I eat only local foods.  Check this out:  American fast food restaurants and Monsanto isn't even ALLOWED IN SENEGAL... (true!) so we don't have that problem here.  There's no McDonalds, Burger King, or Popeyes Chicken (or their sandwiches!)! lol!  

I know it's difficult in the States/world to control your GMO intake but when you have a choice between AUTHENTIC FOOD & NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS & GMO it's an easy decision to make!  Ours is NOT GMO and it's processed here locally as well.  We take the leaves off the trees, lay on cloth to dry naturally in the sun. It's a 100% ECOFRIENDLY manufacturing process!!  Then the leaves hygienically pulverized into powder by hand, made into teabags and packaged up FRESH!

This is the Honest to God's truth of how our AfricanHerbal Moringa (and Soursop, Kinkleba and other teas) are made!  I drink Moringa & Soursop (Graviola) tea every morning, I'm 57yrs old, look 40, have GREAT HAIR/DREADS that reaches to my thighs (yes, it's ALL 100% MINE!) and am healthy as a horse!  Photo 11


$25.50 for 100 grams

$7.50 for 10 grams


Smaller Quantities:   
♥$25.50 for 100 grams, including shipping  
(Picture 7 & 8, the first package on the left side) 

♥$7.50 for 10gr  sample package, including shipping (Pictures 4 & 7)

SEE OUR OTHER 100+ ITEMS:  PUT 'SenegalStyle 

AfricanHerbal' in the WeBuyBlack.com search


FYI here is a list (and prices) of other 100% Authentic African Moringa products we sell:  (Pictures 8, 9, 10 and 11)

♥Standard AfricanHerbal Tea Offer:  3 packages of 20 teabags, a total of 60 TEABAGS for $25.50 including shipping (Picture 6)
(4 cents each)

♥Really REALLY GOOD MORINGA CRACKERS... yep, they're GREEN! lol!  GREAT with Chili or Salads!  
4 packs for $25.50 including shipping (Pictures 4 & 7)

♥Introductory offer for AfricanHerbal VARIETY HERBAL TEA PACKAGE: 10 DIFFERENT AfricanHerbal teas INCLUDING Moringa & Soursop Teabags & 1 Cafe Touba, a total of 220 teabags for $65.50 including shipping
(3 cents each)

♥Wholesale Package: 25 packages of ALL the AfricanHerbal teas (mix or match) & also featuring: 100% ORGANIC Cafe Touba (SEE ADDITIONAL POST HERE ON ETSY.COM)  Mix or Match AND DROP SHIPPING AVAILABLE Giving you a total of 500 teabags for $125.50 including shipping
(2.5 cents each) 

♥Moringa Oil, hand squeezed from Senegalese/West African Moringa seed pods.  (Picture 11)

2 bottles for $25.50 including shipping ($12.75 each)

SIDE NOTE:  No One Else Sells AUTHENTIC AFRICAN (grown & manufactured in Senegal) SOURSOP in Teabag form… NO ONE. Google it!

For anything else, JUST PUT 'SenegalStyle WHOLESALE' in the Etsy search engine and ALL our posts will come up OR just ASK if you don't see what you're looking for and I'll make a post for it!  

NOTE:  WE CANNOT nor do we intend to circumvent the WeBuyBlack.com marketplace.  

Thank you for your understanding!

The photos on the bottom row show more detail and LOOK CLOSELY at the shipping envelopes photos 10 and 11 - we ship WORLDWIDE, even TO China!  Usually products come FROM China but not ours!  We have customers WORLDWIDE!

and speaking of shipping... PLEASE READ THE SMALL PRINT:


PLEASE NOTE WE PERSONALLY WILL SHIP YOUR ITEMS DIRECTLY FROM SENEGAL - PHOTO PROOF OF SHIPPING AND USPS TRACKING WILL BE PROVIDED.  I am not Jeff Bezos from Amazon, the Alibaba Dude or Tiger Direct... building a DOS NATION & GETTING TO THAT LEVEL TAKES TIME so your items won't be delivered in 3 days! lol!  

Our packages have to go thru US Customs so it's more like 3 to 4 weeks BUT DON'T WORRY - WE HAVE 100% TRACK RECORD & 20 YEARS OF INTERNATIONAL INTERNET EXPERIENCE!


PLEASE LOOK CLOSELY...(Picture 11 & 12 above) this is what a typical shipment on a postal run looks like -   NOTE the COOL Senegalese Stamps you can keep for souvenirs & show your kids!! 

Thanks for reading our lengthy posts & have a GREAT WEEK!

Product questions

  • Elizabeth
    Aug 13, 2020, 03:13 PM

    How many servings in 10 grams? Also, will it come as a loose powder or in a tea bag?
    Thank you.

    Aug 21, 2020, 11:50 PM

    Hello Elizabeth and thanks for writing!

    I'm glad you asked this because I was just thinking of increasing the amount of salt and doing 1 page with ALL the $5 sample items on it so people can see the entire AfricanHerbal line on one listing, in one place and order whatever they want without having to search around.

    So to answer your question, how many 'servings' in 10gr - maybe 20? I know most people know they shouldn't use a LOT of salt, just pinch fulls and I'd say there's 20 or so 'pinches' in the package! lol!

    It will be loose in a small ziplock style bag so you can close it back to keep the air out and maintain its freshness.

    Here's a link to our other WeBuyBlack items:



    Sineta George aka

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