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Fit 4 a kiing

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Daniel & Jerelle Kiing
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Fit 4 a Kiing is a family run brand that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Our concept was inspired by our Jamaican heritage and the late Dr Sebi along with his nutritional guide.

Whilst pregnant with our 7th child it became evidently clear to my partner and i, that with the constant rise of GMO, hybrid and processed foods, what we ate would directly effect our babies development. This prompted us to take our health journey to the next level and our vegan lifestyle more seriously. After the birth of our son, our next challenge was creating meals that were healthy, plant based and that would appeal to our baby and the rest of our family.

Coming from a Caribbean background, eating is centred around the idea of "Soul food", which contains an abundance of unhealthy foods such as; meat and dairy.

We are lovers of hosting dinner parties and family gatherings and have a great desire to please everyones palate. Taking on the challenge, recreating a range of family favourites using a variety of alkaline foods in our recipes, maintaining a balance between health and flavour, whilst being vegan and gluten free.

With a distinct lack of restaurants and takeaways offering plant based and gluten free, wholesome food on their menu's, we were forced to prepare a packed lunch every time we left home.

We decided to take full advantage of the gap in the market and launch 'Fit 4 A Kiing'.

We at Fit 4 A Kiing aim to inspire our customers to continue to "eat clean and eat green" by providing delicious healthy vegan and gluten free alternatives.

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