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  • Healthy Aging Ashwagandha Citrus Soap // Stress Hormone (Cortisol) Decrease // Free Exfoliating soap bag // Ayurvedic // Root Chakra

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    What it is: This soap helps repair the genetic (DNA) damage from toxins, radiation, and ultraviolet light throughout the course of a lifetime.

    Solutions for: Anti Aging, Menopausal Symptoms, Longevity, Healthy Aging, Stress Hormone Lowering, Cortisol Lowering

    Introducing Healthy Aging Ashwagandha Citrus Soap by Bare Beauty Naturals

    This traditional Ayurvedic rejuvenating soap features Ashwagandha, a root that naturally restores energy and metabolism, rebuilding the body's energy reserves, relieving fatigue, and promoting a faster metabolism for weight loss and lean muscle growth.

    Ashwagandha has been used in Ayurvedic medicine in India for many centuries to help the body resist physical and emotional stress. The use of #ashwagandha as an agent for aging is based on #traditional use in #Indian #Ayurvedic medicine to promote physical and mental #health, improve resistance to disease, and promote longevity.

    #Ashwagandha is also said to nourish the Root #Chakra, which aids in Grounding.

    Vitamin E and Citrus essential oils calm and soothe the skin for a fully restorative experience.

    Purchase online at Healthy Aging Ashwagandha Citrus Soap by Bare Beauty Naturals 

    According to the wear and tear theory of aging, tissues and organs eventually die after years of damage. An individual's genetic makeup (DNA) sustains repeated damage from toxins, radiation, and ultraviolet light throughout the course of a lifetime. Although the body can repair DNA damage, not all of those repairs are accurate or complete. As a result, damage slowly accumulates over time.

    For instance, one study evaluated the effect of a lifetime of exposure to stress hormones, such as cortisol. The body produces cortisol in response to physical and emotional stress.

    Researchers found that the amount of cortisol in the body rises with age. Although cortisol levels decline at night in younger adults, the levels do not fall as far in older adults. The researchers concluded that the increased levels of cortisol might be the result of wear and tear of lifelong exposures to stress.

    Adaptogen herbs like Ashwaghanda help naturally lower high cortisol levels.

    Bare Beauty Naturals is a Clinical Pharmacist led company with a commitment to combining ancient, traditional, cultural and cutting edge current medical research with natural products for beautiful hair and skin care.

    The products we create are based on ancient and current research and have been recommended to gently clean, strengthen and moisturize your hair, skin and scalp. Protect, define, beautify and nourish yourself by regularly using Bare Beauty Naturals.

    Bare Beauty Natural soaps are 100% natural which changes the entire skin care conversation. We start at a place no chemically manufactured soap can touch, and with our clinical pharmacist founder and his natural product recipes we're in a space no other natural soap manufacturer can approach.

    Every soap choice the BBN portfolio is head and shoulders above anything else out there both in terms of price and quality, so choose any recipe that speaks to you on a personal level, where you are now. The soaps will take care of the rest. 






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