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Get Known, Get Found, Get Paid

Get Known, Get Found, Get Paid

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Hi there!!
I began to create products and host my own events BEFORE I built my audience. All I knew when I got started was that I WAS READY! Lol. But there was no one waiting for my readiness. So first-Get Known. But your audience. Get interviewed, collaborate with those already doing what you want to do. Volunteer, join a Meetup...the less expensive things to get started. Then Get Found. Start to market yourself...build your Brand. Begin your message. You MUST be consistent in "showing up" for your business. There are a lot of us out here; but you can still stand out. Then once you have those two mastered, now it's time to Get Paid! By now your audience is built, you have a following through your marketing and your Brand and/or message is being sought out. If you're blessed they are demanding more from you and more of you! I This well-articulated course is not only meant for experienced business entrepreneurs, it is also designed for those who are starting new or starting afresh, and want to set out on the right foot. Highlights of the course contents includes:
Business + Mindset = Essential Package
Four Steps To Marketing
Monetizing Your Business
With this 4 week progam in will include:
Week 1: Getting Started In Your Journey & Unleashing Your Power
Week 2: Goal Setting & Taking Action to Get Want You Want
Week 3: Social Media Marketing & Building Relationships
Week 4: Press Releases & Implementation Time
>4 Week Calendar >Book
>Mindset Training
>Setting YOur Business for Automation
>Finding YOur Team
>The Nuts & Bolts of Buisness Operations
>What's in the Back Office?
This may not be for you, but this would be a great gift for a colleague.
For your convenience, there are coupons listed! https://www.jotform.com//?formID=40754301851146
This course is competed via teleconference or Skype.

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