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Amethyst The Purification Bracelet

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Are you in need of a little spiritual cleansing? Feel the negativity weighing you down recently? Amethyst is the perfect stone for protection against negative energy.

Known as nature’s tranquilizer, Amethyst is the stone to use to return to a state of calm, peace, and serenity. It removes the negative energy from your aura and replaces it with contentment that’s difficult to find elsewhere. Protecting you from future negativity as well, it’s a great crystal bodyguard to have on your wrist.

Excellent in removing negative thoughts, you’ll be feeling better in no time. Most negative thoughts crash through your mind one after the other like the domino effect, but Amethyst removes the cause, preventing the first domino from falling. A popular meditation stone, it helps purify the aura by neutralizing the crown chakra. Speak to your higher consciousness and ground yourself in the present.

Say no to negativity.

Affirmations: Use positive and uplifting affirmations such as “My energy is safe and protected” or “I am glowing with positivity” to enhance the stone’s effects.

Bracelet length: 7.5 Inches
 Handmade Natural Genuine Gemstones Stretchy Bracelet 10 mm (7.5 Inches)
Each Bracelet is handcrafted
Stretch Bangle Style

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Amethysts are used extensively to assist in spiritual healing. These amethyst healing properties support amethyst meaning in that they help the user keep a calm, clear mind to better receive communication and guidance. Amethyst meaning in religion extends beyond its ability to help keep one's mind clear, however. 

  • Rosary beads and prayer beads made from amethyst stones impart pious calm, as indicated by amethyst stone meaning. This particular type of calm mindset opens the mind of the person using the beads to a better connect with The Divine.
  • Amethysts were used in Egyptian burials. The Egyptians called these purple gems "hemag". Amethyst or hemag stones were carved into the shape of a heart and buried with the dead to assist them in their spiritual passage. The use of amethyst in burial rituals ties in to amethyst meaning.
  • Brandberg amethyst gems are particularly helpful for spiritual healing, in keeping with amethyst meaning. Brandberg amethysts are mined in Namibia, Africa at a powerful intersection of earth meridians. The mountain that is mined for these amethyst stones is known as Burning Mountain to the Damara people or Mountain of the Gods by Herero people. It is a sacred site for the San tribes. The high vibration levels of these amethyst stones are purported to restore the soul and facilitate alignment with The Divine which is another benefit rooted in amethyst meaning. Brandberg amethyst stones are a combination of purple amethyst and smoky to clear quartz.


In keeping with amethyst meaning, an amethyst gemstone imparts special amethyst healing properties. Improvements can be made to health that benefit the entire human body. 

  • Endocrine gland function can be improved, resulting in a more efficient production of hormones. Overall emotional balance is often achieved with efficient hormone production, a benefit that goes back to the root of amethyst meaning.
  • Heart function and blood oxygen levels can be improved with amethyst which helps with overall health and wellness. An increase in blood oxygen results in better mental clarity which ties into amethyst meaning.
  • Amethyst sooths and calms neural impulses, facilitating calm, clear thinking in keeping with amethyst meaning.
  • Digestion is improved by wearing amethyst.
  • Skin health is improved by amethyst, including a reduction in swelling, bruising and the pain associated with these issues.
  • Amethyst helps in the reduction of tension and stress, promoting calm clarity, in keeping with amethyst meaning.
  • Amethyst can be used to improve psychological imbalances and disturbances, which supports amethyst meaning. It will not improve psychological function in schizophrenics or people suffering from paranoia.
  • Ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus, is improved by wearing amethyst gems.
  • Headaches are reduced by amethyst stones, which ties into amethyst meaning.

Addictions of all types can be controlled more easily while wearing amethyst gems. In accordance with amethyst meaning, the power of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes over the human body is greatly reduced by amethyst properties. 

Ametrine gems are amethyst/citrine quartz stones with extended amethyst properties. This blend of two types of quartz, each with their own energy level, offers a wide range of benefits. Ametrine embodies amethyst meaning by helping the wearer keep a clear mind while reducing pain and tension. Creativity is released by ametrine, resulting in an onslaught of new insights and fresh new ideas. When an ametrine gem is put in moonlight during a full moon, it is said to impart good luck in money matters, a benefit in keeping with amethyst meaning. At 12:00 p.m., set it where the full moon light will shine on it that night. Leave it there until the next day to improve its ability to help with investments.



Amethyst gems reduce anxiety and help relieve stress. This amethyst benefit supports amethyst meaning. Keeping the mind clear or "not intoxicated" improves the ability to remain calm in the face of adversity which will minimize anxiety and stress.

  • Amethysts imbue the wearer with a calm, even temperament, in keeping with amethyst meaning, which is advantageous during negotiations of any type.
  • Put an amethyst stone or gem beneath a mattress or pillow to alleviate sleeplessness, reduce nightmares and increase good dreams. Rubbing an amethyst gem counter-clockwise in the middle of the forehead will produce the same result.
  • Amethyst stones or gems help to control obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and calm a pet or child's hyperactivity.

"Soul stone" is another name for amethyst gems and stones. Amethyst crystals help terminally ill and fatally injured people stay clear-minded and calm during the death process. This amethyst use supports amethyst meaning. Amethyst crystals are useful in the grieving process, promoting a calm state of mind in the bereaved while they let go of their loved one. 

A "Rutilated" amethyst is especially useful during the death process, in keeping with amethyst meaning. This type of amethyst contains brown iron crystals known as Goethite which are also present in the Super Seven crystal. These crystals facilitate a link connecting deep self with earth, clearing the base and earth chakras and aligning the entire chakra system. The Goethite crystals facilitate connections with angels and other worlds.

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