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Natural Carnelian Gemstone Bracelets

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Bracelet length: 7.5 Inches
 Handmade Natural Genuine Gemstones Stretchy Bracelet 10 mm (7.5 Inches)
Each Bracelet is handcrafted
Stretch Bangle Style

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    Healing Gemstones Carnelian

The warm, fiery colors found in carnelian gemstones make them extremely desirable for jewelry, but there is more to them than that. Carnelian stone benefits have been enjoyed for centuries. These fiery gems have adorned warriors heading off to battle, have been included in ancient burials and have been used in alchemy. 


Carnelian entered recorded history more than 4000 years ago. This orange mineral rock was revered by ancient noblemen and noblewomen. Ancient Babylonians, Greeks and Romans wore amulets and talismans made from carnelian stones. They also wore insignia rings adorned with carnelian gemstones and made seals out of carnelian rock. 

  • Ancient Egyptian master architects wore carnelian gemstones to symbolize their position. Carnelian amulets were engraved with texts out of the Book of the Dead and placed on the dead to help insure safe passage.
  • The Holy Scriptures list carnelian gemstone as one of the gems that adorned the breastplate of Aaron. He was a prophet and the first high priest of the Israelites. In this instance, carnelian meaning represented the blood of the martyrs. It was also thought to keep the wearer from catching the plague and other illnesses.
  • During the Middle Ages, alchemists used carnelian boiling stones. They believed the orange chalcedony quartz would activate the energies of other types of chalcedony quartz. This energy transformation made it more useful to the alchemist.
  • The Islamic prophet Mohammed wore a carnelian gemstone seal ring that brought him good luck.
  • Napoleon wore a lucky watch charm made with carnelian gemstones.
  • The German writer/scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe also believed carnelian brought good luck and provided hope, comfort and protection from evil.

Carnelian stone, also sometimes called cornelian stone, is an orange chalcedony quartz. The orange color, which comes from iron impurities, varies from a light, pink-orange to deep red-orange or even a dark, brown-red. This range of colors inspired the ancient Egyptians to call the orange mineral rock "the setting sun." Much of carnelian meaning is directly related to carnelian color. Due to the ever-growing rarity of carnelian rock, one must beware of imposters. Agate stones, which are also a type of chalcedony quartz, are sometimes dyed or heated to make them look like carnelian and sold as carnelian gemstones. Norway and Sweden claim this orange mineral rock as their national gemstone.


In addition to good luck, carnelian meaning includes protection from negative energy and poverty. This cornelian meaning remains to this day. Throughout the centuries, additional cornelian meaning has been assigned to this orange chalcedony quartz. Amulets and talismans were worn by ancient warriors to gain courage and power. Cornelian meaning embodies courage, endurance, motivation and leadership. 

Carnelian color imparted additional carnelian meanings for the ancient Egyptians which carry through to this day. True orange carnelian stone meaning has to do with feminine passive-receptive energy. The orange carnelian color signified mother goddess Isis' fertility due to its resemblance to the color of menstrual blood. Vibrant red-orange and red-brown carnelian color signified virile male energy. Cornelian rock meaning still encompasses romantic desire, love and passion. 

Carnelian meaning established by ancient Egyptian architects has also persisted throughout the years. It is believed to bolster creativity in architects. Carnelian is also said to impart carnelian power to builders and people who work in construction. Carnelian power is believed to protect people from accidents that are common on construction sites. These days carnelian meaning has been extended to include home protection from accidents, fire, storms and theft. 

Carnelian stone benefits provide energy and power to athletes and people in the military, in keeping with carnelian meaning. Journalists develop better organization and form in their writing while people in sales become more motivated with the use of carnelian gemstones. 

Carnelian stone benefits are believed to include prosperity and additional resources, as indicated by carnelian meaning. Carnelian crystal meaning in a place of employment includes ambitious drive and determination. The orange mineral rock is said to help reduce excessive pressures from co-workers and supervisors with unrealistic demands. 

In keeping with carnelian meaning, it is said to impart courage to those struggling with difficulties or fighting for a cause. Carnelian stones support cohesion within a community as well as idealism and pragmatism. 

Carnelian is known as the "Singer's Stone" because it is said to bring clarity to a singer's voice. In keeping with carnelian meaning, the gemstone imparts confidence in performers. The orange quartz is thought to embolden a timid speaker, encouraging bold but eloquent speech. 



Carnelian healing properties clear the way for spiritual healing to begin. In keeping with carnelian crystal meaning, the orange quartz energizes and stimulates action. Indecision and procrastination slip away to be replaced with the courage to move forward toward spiritual healing. With the use of carnelian, a clearer sense of self-awareness can be realized. This new self-awareness allows spiritual energy to flow more freely. The path to achieving important goals will be more easily revealed. 

The spiritual healing properties of carnelian can be utilized to strengthen familial love, one of the carnelian properties linked to carnelian meaning. Pink-orange carnelian promotes love between two parents as well as love between parents and their children. 

How to use carnelian

  • Hold a carnelian stone while praying or meditating.
  • Use a carnelian mala or carnelian prayer beads to facilitate spiritual healing.

Orange and red carnelian stones have different carnelian stone meaning in divination. Orange carnelian meaning in Divination states, "You may get the chance to breathe new life into a relationship." Red carnelian meaning in Divination states, "Not a time to back down. Ask for what you need and do not settle for second best." If one dreams of carnelian, regardless of the exact color, it is believed be a warning of coming misfortune.

Carnelian gemstones are attractive to many guardian angels. Wearing jewelry with carnelian gemstones or even just carrying a carnelian stone in a pocket could encourage a stronger connection with one of them. They tend to be partial to orange and red carnelian stones. 

Carnelian meaning in Feng Shui is fire energy. Feng Shui fire energy brings illumination, energy and warmth into the home. Its Yang nature imparts action, heat energy and passion in the areas of concepts, ideas and sex. Carnelian stones are connected with reputation and fame, enhancing one's standing in the family and within the community. 

How to use carnelian:

  • Use only small amounts of red or scarlet carnelian to impart the power of the sun and energy of the fire element.
  • Use small accent pieces of orange carnelian stone where increased energy will be helpful.

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