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Natural Labradorite Gemstone Bracelet

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Bracelet length: 7.5 Inches
 Handmade Natural Genuine Gemstones Stretchy Bracelet 10 mm (7.5 Inches)
Each Bracelet is handcrafted
Stretch Bangle Style

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Labradorite healing properties in the spiritual realm are firmly rooted in labradorite meaning. The protective powers of labradorite stone protect the aura by creating an energy barrier. This barrier holds personal energy in and provides protection from people who would drain or tap into that personal energy. Because of this protective barrier, elemental forces are enhanced but kept in balance. 

Labradorite benefits bring alignment of the etheric and physical bodies to facilitate access to the spiritual purpose within, as supported by labradorite meaning. Consciousness is raised while labradorite powers keep spiritual energy well-grounded within the body. 

As reflected in the root of labradorite meaning, this iridescent mineral rock is referred to as the "temple of stars." It is believed to impart light and highly evolved energy from inhabitants of other planets to the human soul.

Labradorite stone benefits enhance perseverance and strength. These labradorite properties assist in spiritual healing and staying spiritually strong in the face of adversity, in keeping with labradorite stone meaning. 

Healing properties of labradorite are connected to its classification as a stone of transformation, as supported by labradorite meaning. Spectrolite gemstones are especially helpful in preparation of the soul and body for passing. 

Connection with the Divine is enhanced by labradorite powers which supports labradorite meaning. Communication with spirit guides is also facilitated by labradorite gemstones.

How to use labradorite:

  • Wear labradorite earrings to improve the ability to hear messages from spirit guides.
  • Wear a labradorite pendant to remain centered while maintaining awareness of the many layers of reality, in keeping with labradorite stone meaning.
  • Use a labradorite mala or prayer beads to enhance connections with other worlds and maintain focus on self-empowerment rather than a desire to have control over others.
  • Place a labradorite gemstone in a breast pocket or in a bra.

Labradorite stones should be placed high up on the body for best results. 

Labradorite powers in Divination are in keeping with labradorite meaning. In Divination, labradorite means: You may have to temporarily make the best of a less-than-ideal situation, but soon will be able to do things your way.

Labradorite benefits extend to the angelic realm by enhancing the connection to a guardian angel, in keeping with labradorite meaning. People born between June 16 and 21 will be better connected to Caliel when they wear blue labradorite gemstones. Those born from July 28 to August 1 will find their connection to Haaiah enhanced by light blue labradorite.

Labradorite imparts water energy in Feng Shui. Water energy labradorite meaning is all about rebirth, regeneration and the cycle of life. Blue labradorite placed in the north of a room or home will enhance calm reflection and prayer. It is especially supportive in the areas of life path and career, providing balanced energy throughout life.


Physical healing properties of labradorite involve the brain, eyes and lungs as well as the digestive system and regulation of metabolism, in keeping with labradorite meaning. Labradorite powers are believed to reduce respiratory problems, especially from colds and bronchitis, lower blood pressure and alleviate cold sensitivity. Labradorite benefits reduce anxiety and stress while stimulating mental acuity. Menstrual symptoms can be calmed with labradorite and it may provide pain relief. Labradorite gemstones can be beneficial in radionic analysis, in keeping with labradorite meaning. Gout and rheumatism are believed to be alleviated as a result of labradorite healing properties.

Golden labradorite healing properties are believed to help heal the liver, gall bladder and adrenal glands as well as the spleen and stomach. 

How to use labradorite:

  • Wear labradorite jewelry.
  • Put a labradorite gemstone in a pocket to keep it close to the body.
  • Reiki practitioners can wear labradorite rings to enhance the flow of energy.


Labradorite stone benefits extend to emotional healing by calming an overactive mind and energizing the imagination. New, exciting ideas can be brought to mind along with a sense of change and adventure. Feelings of being emotionally drained from daunting daily repetition and responsibility fall away. 

Labradorite properties lift one's mood, reducing insecurities and fears while encouraging self-empowerment and independence, in keeping with labradorite meaning. Faith and trust in oneself as well as the universe are enhanced with the use of labradorite.

Lost memories can be brought to light to facilitate emotional healing with a contemplative and introspective state of mind. An increase in intuitive wisdom and intellectual clarity will assist with getting beyond illusion to find the true root of a problem. All of this serves to bring about a sense of peace and is strongly tied to labradorite meaning.

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  • Jackie
    Apr 14, 2019, 13:38

    How much do your stones weigh or what are the average dimensions?

    Apr 16, 2019, 22:59

    Sorry at this time I don't have the stones.

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