We are Royal Nubian a healing herbs apothecary using divine energy to elevate your sacred soul beauty led by Jah Crystal, Lead Herbalist. We see and treat the complete essence of your being by creating ancient formulas found only with Royal Nubian.

Our formulas are a natural and beautiful blend of botanicals and herbs carefully formulated to transform you into a glorious state of beauty and wellness with each use. Free of chemicals and preservatives, your herbal treatments are hand formulated and fresh!

Your energy within and around each cell shall be stimulated, resurrected, and function at high frequencies to receive an abundance of positive vibrations and spiritual information, plus Free Shipping on any order! Visit us at http://www.royalnubian.com


mama-ast-royal-nubian.jpgWe create spiritual energy based healing herbal products through divine hand formulation. Why we do this: It is the ancient and traditional way to make herbal treatments giving you the blessed energy to achieve results and elevate your being. Also, Learn about our personal esoteric class sessions for spiritual elevation.

Customization is always available to treat specific ailments.

The Secrets:

1. We mix 100% pure and natural ingredients into each product.

2. We infused our products with love & healing energy.

3. Never do we add chemical preservatives, fillers, or carcinogens.

4. We create professional & powerful herbal formulas.

5. You'll obtain superior professional & blessed results.

6. We give you 100% guarantee on effectiveness (now who does that?).

7. We use BPA free packaging that is 100% recyclable or reusable.

8. We offer spiritual guidance and psychic readings.

9. We are dedicated to helping build communities through education and cooperative economics.

Our prices reflect our ingredients! We use pure herbs, botanicals, tinctures, and extracts.
Full disclosure of ingredients and instructions for use come with each purchase. We are always available to answer questions and respond to comments.

*Disclaimer: The statements in this website has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.

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