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  • 1 SUPER HYDRATING BEARD KIT (rated 5 stars) RUM PUNCH scent (4 items)

    What a perfect beard care kit for you or a friend. Get the All-star team of washes & conditioners. These beard care kits make great beard gift sets or help you get the most bang for your buck. Visit

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    • $39.99
  • Lion Man's Mane Beard Kit

    LION MAN'S MANE beard grooming kit for everyday beard care.

    Score: 5.00 (votes: 3)
    • $28.00
  • Premium Male Sexual Enhancement Supplement - All Natural/Non-GMO
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    Premium Male Sexual Enhancement Supplement - All Natural/Non-GMO

    Rule Your Kingdom! 

    The Erection King is a all natural male sexual enhancement supplement that has been formulated to give you the extra boost in the bedroom or anywhere you need to perform! 

    ARE YOU HARD ENOUGH? Feel the ultimate power in the right place at the right time. All you need is 1 capsule 50 to 60 minutes before intercourse and you'll see why we called it the Erection King!

    NATURAL and NON GMO: Contains natural herbs that were used for hundreds of years around the world known as powerful key ingredient for male improvement. We made the blend into optimum sustainable erection formula that works fast, smooth and strong, with just the right amount of each ingredient to maximize your results.

    INCREASEStamina, Energy, Performance, and Endurance and provides a natural stimulant effect, while L-Arginine triggers the production of nitric oxide and promotes the dilation of blood vessels to increase a healthy blood flow throughout the body and relaxed muscles contributes to intensified sensations and mental alertness.

    Caution: Do not take if you have current heart issues such as, but not limited to: hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol or other medical issues such as prostate cancer and enlargement. Do not take this product if you are on any medications such as MAO1's or nitrates. Consult with your physician or health care provider prior to using this product.

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    What a perfect beard care kit for you or a friend. Get the All-star team of washes & conditioners. These beard care kits make great beard gift sets or help you get the most bang for your buck. 

    +Super hydrating beard wash

    +Deep massaging beard conditioner

    +Rum Punch beard balm

    +Super Damp beard serum

    Our SUPER HYDRATING Bay Rum bar soap is hand-crafted in the USA by master artisans using the highest quality ingredients to ensure each bar saturates your skin properly.  Each bar is 1". 

    Description: Cloves, cinnamon, patchouli, pine, musk and vanilla with top notes of orange and apple.


    • Olive Oil
    • Soybean Oil
    • Coconut Oil
    • Corn Oil
    • Sunflower Oil
    • Organic Shea Butter
    • Water
    • Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
    • Fragrance

    INCI: Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Zea Mays (Corn) Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance. May contain FD&C color.


    Bay Rum Soap and Shampoo Bar is a practical way of caring for your entire body, and doing it right. Enriched with shea butter to moisturize skin and hair (no conditioner needed)


    Packed full of natural ingredients and with an incredible aroma.

    Creamy texture

    • Cleanses deeply without drying skin or beard/hair.
    • The rich lather leaves your skin smooth and conditioned, long after your shower.

    Oour signature dark rum scent and gently yet effectively purifies all skin types, including sensitive. Rinses residue-free and without drying or stripping.

    Score: 5.00 (votes: 2)
    • $44.99
  • Fortitude Beard Oil

    Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
    • $13.95
  • Beard Care - The Man's Man Beard Balm

    Our Beard Balm shapes, smooth and define facial hair for a well-groomed beard. Shea Butter with Argan,  and Coconut Oil helps seal in the nourishing and moisturizing effects of this styling balm. This balm will help to reduce ingrown hairs and stimulate hair’s natural growth for a fuller, more manageable beard.

    • Moisturizes
    • Eliminates Rough Dry and Brittle Beards,
    •  Absorbs Quickly,
    •  Non-Greasy

    Although nothing can change the rate at which your hair grows, our beard balm contains organic unrefined jojoba and pure organic argan oil which helps create the conditions for healthy growth, which means less breakage, so your beard will appear thicker and grow longer faster.

    The practice of proper skin care below also aids in the process for hair growth.

    • Exfoliate your face. Hair follicles can become blocked with dirt and prevent your hair from growing
    • Use hair-healthy grooming products i.e. shampoos, oils and balms
    • Massage your hair follicles. A gentle massage can also help stimulate your hair follicles


    Orange Patchouli - This scent has a pleasing sweet, citrus blend with a strong , slightly sweet intoxicating scent. A musky-earthy aroma with a twist of citrus. This scent is just right, lending a sweetness which makes this fragrance so good you won't be able to help but say you love it.

    Spicy Wood - Has a spicy-sweet- characteristic scent with a twist of citrus and rich woody exotic lingering aroma 

    2 oz (57 g) 

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    • $12.00
  • Beard moisturizing kit
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    Beard moisturizing kit

    Beard shampoo Beard butter and Beard detangler comb

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    • $25.00
  • Cherry Almond Hair, Body and Beard Soap

    Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
    • $6.25
  • Unscented Beard Balm
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    Unscented Beard Balm

    Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
    • $17.50
  • Premium Beard Oil
    • 23% off

    Premium Beard Oil

    Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
    • $9.99
  • Commitment Beard Oil

    Score: 4.00 (votes: 2)
    • $13.95
  • Beard Oil Conditioner for HIM (1 oz)

    Reformulated! New Scents!

    Street Mint: jojoba & sweet almond oils; peppermint & sweet orange essential oils

    Hungover: castor, grapeseed, argan, & jojoba oils; eucalyptus & tea tree essential oils

    Score: 4.00 (votes: 1)
    • $5.50
  • Relentless Beard Oil

    Score: 3.00 (votes: 2)
    • $13.95
  • Bear King Essentials (BKE) Beard Oil 1

    Contains Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil, Hempseed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Essentials Oil Blend.

    BKE Beard Oil #1 is generally put on the beard area after showering, or cleansing in order to have the opened pores easily absorb the oil.

    Use between 4-8 drops per use. If residing in a drier climate, apply a second time.

    All products bottled by hand the day the order is placed. All ingredients are kept out of direct sunlight as to protect the unique properties of these oils. 

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    • $6.00
  • Beard Oil

    Not rated yet
    • $10.00
  • 2 oz Peppermint Beard Oil

    Not rated yet
    • $14.99
  • FACE & BODY SOAP: Cedarwood

    Not rated yet
    • $10.99
  • 2 oz. Beard Butter- Classic

    Not rated yet
    • $13.99
  • Peachwood Wooden Beard Comb

    Not rated yet
    • $4.99
  • 2 oz. Beard Butter- Cedarwood

    Not rated yet
    • $13.99
  • Beard Oil 4 oz (Use PayPal at Checkout)

    Your beard deserves the best!  This beard oil conditions and moisturizes your beard.  It eliminates beard itch and dandruff when applied directly on the skin.  And, it smells amazing! 

    Not rated yet
    • $12.00
  • Hangover Beard Oil

    Size: 2 oz

    The Hangover Beard Oil by Hairizon

    • helps to heal and reduce razor bumps
    • mositurizes beard and skin
    • decreases dullness
    • promotes growth & fullness of beard

    Conditions your beard and mustache for all your midnight rides

    Not rated yet
    • $12.99
  • Hangover Beard Balm

    Our Hairizon Hangover Beard balm is made with premium essential oils to give a nourishing and conditioning foundation for maintaining healthy looking, shiny and groomed beard. Our beard balm is hydrating to the skin while helping to soften, detangle and moisturize the hair. Hydration is essential, daily exposure to environmental elements and the drying effects of washing daily, strips natural oils; making facial hair more brittle, dry, and scratchy. Our Beard balm is light and won’t feel greasy on his face. It will not only protect your beard from the elements, but it will also hydrate the skin underneath, making your beard healthier, and more lustrous.

     Size: 2oz

    Not rated yet
    • $12.99
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