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  • Healing Gemstones Agate Group

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  • Healing Gemstones Amazonite Group

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  • Kari's Passion Bracelet Set
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    Kari's Passion Bracelet Set

    Inspiration • Vitality • Confidence
    The Passion Bracelet Set combines the energy of three separate bracelets to address all layers of your passion. The crystals within this bracelet set come together to infuse your spirit and your life with passionate energy. Wear this bracelet set to transform whatever area of your life is feeling lackluster into a passionate endeavor.

    If you’re experience a lack of passion in your career, relationships, or personal life, the Passion Bracelet Set holds the energy you need to turn that around. These crystal bracelets energize, inspire, and excite you so that you can bring more passion into everything you do. Simply by wearing these crystals close to your body, you will feel invigorated and exhilarated. This crystal bracelet set helps you bring that feeling of bold vitality into all of your endeavors.  

    Carnelian helps you tap into your creative, imaginative nature. This stone gives you a sense of confidence in your creative pursuits, and stirs up the creative energy within you no matter what you are doing.

    Garnet ignites your passion. It reconnects you to your zest for life and helps you find more pleasure and excitement in all that you do.

    Red Jasper is a stone of energy and inspires you to take action in your life. It gets the energy flowing throughout your body to revitalize your mind, body and spirit.

    Clear Quartz amplifies your intention and programs your mind with your intention of living passionately. It helps you gain a sense of clarity of what areas of your life ignite your passion, and then helps you bring that feeling of enthusiasm and excitement into all areas of your life.

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  • Kari's Balance Bracelet Set
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    Kari's Balance Bracelet Set

    Centering  • Alignment  • Focus
    Combining the energy of three individual bracelets, the Balance Bracelet Set amplifies your intention to create more balance in your life. One of the bracelets is specifically designed to cleanse and balance your chakras to create more alignment in your mind, body and spirit. Another bracelet brings clarity to give a sense of stability and clear-headedness. The third and final bracelet is filled with grounding stones to help you connect with your foundation and find your center.

    When you feel out of alignment or like you’ve lost your footing, the Balance Bracelet Set can root you back in your center. The stones within this crystal bracelet set come together to strengthen your foundation and your connection to the earth, while creating more balance within your mind, body and spirit, as well.

    Garnet and Red Jasper to balance your root chakra. Garnet promotes increased energy and Red Jasper inspires you to take action.

    Carnelian balances your sacral chakra and heightens your sense of passion..

    Tiger’s Eye and Rutilated Quartz to balance your solar plexus chakra. Tiger’s Eye strengthens your sense of willpower and Rutilated Quartz promotes healing.

    Malachite and Amazonite to balance your heart chakra. Malachite emotionally prepares you for transformation and Amazonite fills your heart with joy and optimism.

    Angelite balances your throat chakra and brings harmony. .

    Amethyst balances your third eye chakra and helps you tap into your intuition.

    Moonstone and Clear Quartz to balance your crown chakra. Rainbow Moonstone for divine connection and Amethyst for intuition.

    Hematite infuses your core with strong grounding energies to help you physically, emotional and spiritually recenter.

    Jasper helps to shift your focus from our busy fast-paced world to the grounding force of nature.

    Clear Quartz activates and amplifies your programmed intention. The more you program your mind, body and spirit with clear thoughts, intentions and light, the faster results will manifest.

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  • Red Jewel Africa
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    Red Jewel Africa

    Handcrafted sculpture of the continent of Africa on a 4x4 tile with wall hook

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  • "Kiss Me" Spa Experience
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    "Kiss Me" Spa Experience

    The "kiss  me" spa experience is just what your skin needs. Scrubs and dry brushing get the world off your shoulders by detoxing through exfoliating and healing minerals.   Additionally, Shea soap cleanse giving you a satisfying aroma and glow that last for hours. Finally, redeem your face with purely derived Black soap exfoliating bar to bring your skin to the next level.

    "Your essence is beauty let your skin convey this to the world"



    Photo by Prince Akachi on Unsplash

    Our products are all-natural can be used by both women and men and our shea butter soap works great for sensitive skin.

    What's in our scrubs or  soaks   

    1. Organic Himalayan salt scrub (Peppermint or Lavender) made with Non GMO Himalayan salt, Organic Coconut oil and essential oils  4 oz
    2. Non GMO sugar Organic Coconut and Vegetable Glycerin Scrub 4 oz
    3. Epsom salt soak (Gardenia Lavender Rose) made with Natural Epsom salt, rose water, Rose, Lavender and Chamomile petals, Gardenia fragrance oil and Peppermint essential oil 4 oz

    What's in our Soaps  

    1. Non GMO Ghanaian  Black soap with Patchouli essential oil 5 oz bar  
    2. Non GMO Ghanaian  Black Exfoliating soap with Patchouli essential oil,  Bustillo Haitian Espresso and Dark Chocolate 5 oz bar
    3. Non GMO facial soap made with Ghanaian Black Soap, Organic Moringa, Organic Turmeric,  Non GMO lemon, Non GMO cane sugar  5 oz bar
    4. Non GMO Shea butter and glycerin  soap or Shea, Olive oil and Hemp with essential or fragrance oil(Gardenia,  Patchouli, Lemongrass,  Frankincense and Myrrh, or Peppermint) 5 oz bar

    What are our Bathing Accessories 

    1. Ecotools Vegan dry brush 
    2. Soap holder(natural or synthetic)
    3. Pumice Stone 
    4. Ecotools Vegan Long handled dry brush

    SEND MESSAGE WITH CHOICES UPON ORDERING  OR CALL DIRECTLY 3863203039 for over phone orders for wholesale pricing and custom orders

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