• Electric Glass Oil Burners (Neon Colors)

    Turn every occasion into an aromatic sensation. Set the light at a dim or a bright colorful glow. The lamp is 5 inches tall. 4 beautiful neon colors to choose from. 

    Browse our full inventory for more oil burners, earrings, chains & charms, jewelry sets, necklaces, bracelets, African bead work and other great items. Click Kemetic Enterprise for full inventory.

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  • Red Jewel Africa
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    Red Jewel Africa

    Handcrafted sculpture of the continent of Africa on a 4x4 tile with wall hook

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  • Bold Expressions Lipstick - LEMON DROP

    A Bold pop of yellow, with a creamy matte finish

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  • "Kiss Me" Spa Experience
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    "Kiss Me" Spa Experience

    The "kiss  me" spa experience is just what your skin needs. Scrubs and dry brushing get the world off your shoulders by detoxing through exfoliating and healing minerals.   Additionally, Shea soap cleanse giving you a satisfying aroma and glow that last for hours. Finally, redeem your face with purely derived Black soap exfoliating bar to bring your skin to the next level.

    "Your essence is beauty let your skin convey this to the world"



    Photo by Prince Akachi on Unsplash

    Our products are all-natural can be used by both women and men and our shea butter soap works great for sensitive skin.

    What's in our scrubs or  soaks   

    1. Organic Himalayan salt scrub (Peppermint or Lavender) made with Non GMO Himalayan salt, Organic Coconut oil and essential oils  4 oz
    2. Non GMO sugar Organic Coconut and Vegetable Glycerin Scrub 4 oz
    3. Epsom salt soak (Gardenia Lavender Rose) made with Natural Epsom salt, rose water, Rose, Lavender and Chamomile petals, Gardenia fragrance oil and Peppermint essential oil 4 oz

    What's in our Soaps  

    1. Non GMO Ghanaian  Black soap with Patchouli essential oil 5 oz bar  
    2. Non GMO Ghanaian  Black Exfoliating soap with Patchouli essential oil,  Bustillo Haitian Espresso and Dark Chocolate 5 oz bar
    3. Non GMO facial soap made with Ghanaian Black Soap, Organic Moringa, Organic Turmeric,  Non GMO lemon, Non GMO cane sugar  5 oz bar
    4. Non GMO Shea butter and glycerin  soap or Shea, Olive oil and Hemp with essential or fragrance oil(Gardenia,  Patchouli, Lemongrass,  Frankincense and Myrrh, or Peppermint) 5 oz bar

    What are our Bathing Accessories 

    1. Ecotools Vegan dry brush 
    2. Soap holder(natural or synthetic)
    3. Pumice Stone 
    4. Ecotools Vegan Long handled dry brush

    SEND MESSAGE WITH CHOICES UPON ORDERING  OR CALL DIRECTLY 3863203039 for over phone orders for wholesale pricing and custom orders

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  • Frank Lavishness
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    Frank Lavishness

    Frankincense and Myrhh, Lavender, Hemp are said to healing agents for both the mind, body and spirit. Lavender is shown to calm and rejuvenate the mind and don'tyou deserve to be relaxed and relieved from stress. Plus the Hemp and olive conditions the skin and evens out skin tone. This is ideal for the whole family with its fragrant scent and healing qualities. With no chemicals to cover your pores your natural essence to easily shine through.

    This 5.5oz cleansing bar is smooth to the touch and has an aromatic fragrance that reminds of peace. Skin is transformed by Shea butter, Hemp and Olive oil soap base along with the petals of Lavender, Rose and Chamomile. Get your bar of healing today!

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  • Small Indulgences (Espsom Salt Soak)
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    Small Indulgences (Espsom Salt Soak)

    Your schedule is so busy that even the smallest Indulgences mean a great deal to you. This Epsom salt is just what you need to unwind and relax aching muscles. 

    This 8oz scrub comes with a complimentary scoop for your convenience and directions on how to use this scrub effectively so you can get the soft skin every queen desires. Comes in Peppermint/Lemongrass/Gardinia/Frankincense and Myrhh/Patchouli/Eucalyptus/Lavender 

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