• Spiritual Detox Bath Tea

    Our bath tea will strengthen & cleanse your energy of negativity! It is important in our quest to wellness to consider our energy & the health of our aura! Whether it is to dial away A day's worries & stress or cleanse yourself of long held negativity, you want to try these! We also offer A "purse" cleanse for ladies that you can heat up & steam your "purse"!

    Pink Himalayan salt draws toxins & bacteria away from skin, relaxes muscles aids circulation.

    Rose with with the heart chakra, attracts love, enhance femininity & is known for its seductive properties.

    Lavender works well with all chakra, relax mind, body spirit. Promotes rest & happiness. 

    Chamomile works with throat chakra, promotes love & tranquility. Promotes peace & wellbeing.

    Sage works with heart & throat chakra, removed negative energy.

    Rosemary works with sacral & solar plexus chakra, relieves anxiety.

    Jasmine works with heart & third eye chakra, promotes open minded thinking & forgiveness.

    Calendula works with sacral chakra & aids creativity.

    Lemon balm works with third eye, solar plexus & heart chakra. Balances emotion, resolve mood swings & promotes sleep.

    Patchouli works with root chakra. Promotes peace & abundance. It is also known for its seductive properties.

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  • Diffuser Blends

    Boost immune functions, uplift mood, relax, cleanse the air in your home & more with our diffuser blends! Just A few drops of our blend in your diffuser will change the tone of your day!

    Ingredients: Essential oil blend according to preference. *Diffuser blends can be used as aromatherapy, as well as perfume or in conjunction with other products. It is recommended that you dilute blends for anything outside of diffuser or aromatherapy use. Do not apply directly to skin without diluting. 

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  • Good As Hell Smudge Sticks
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    Good As Hell Smudge Sticks

    Smudge negativity out of your space & usher positive energy into it! Multiple different combinations of smudge sticks so you can choose the exact fit for you, & your home.

    Sage: Eliminate negative energy

    Lavender: Promote calm & relaxing energy

    Palo Santo: Calls positive energy to your space

    Rosemary: Encourages a sense of peace

    Rose: Calls loving energy

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  • Red Jewel Africa
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    Red Jewel Africa

    Handcrafted sculpture of the continent of Africa on a 4x4 tile with wall hook

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  • 2:22 Logo T-Shirt

    Heavy Cotton Blend Tee boldly emblazoned with the logo available in Sml, Med, Lrg, XLrg, XXLrg make sure to give us the size of each individual Tee ordered in the customer notes section when you check out.

    *Example for a 12 Tee order:  2Sml, 3Med, 4Lrg, 2XL, 1XXL, 

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  • Adisa "The Lucid One" (Hemp, Olive Oil and Shea Butter Soap)

    Frankincense and Myrhh, Lavender, Hemp are said to healing agents for both the mind, body and spirit. Lavender is shown to calm and rejuvenate the mind and don'tyou deserve to be relaxed and relieved from stress. Plus the Hemp and olive conditions the skin and evens out skin tone. This is ideal for the whole family with its fragrant scent and healing qualities. With no chemicals to cover your pores your natural essence to easily shine through.

    This 5.5oz cleansing bar is smooth to the touch and has an aromatic fragrance that reminds of peace. Skin is transformed by Shea butter, Hemp and Olive oil soap base along with the petals of Lavender, Rose and Chamomile. Get your bar of healing today!

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  • Oladipo "Prosperity" (Epsom Salt Soak)

    Handcrafted Epsom salt soak are made exclusively by Nibusu Beauty and is essential in any beauty relaxing session. When your schedule is so busy that even the smallest indulgences mean a great deal to you.  8 oz and 16 oz scrubs come with a complimentary scoop and instructions for using scrub effectively to attain that healthy soft skin every queen and king desires. 

    Scents are 

    Peppermint for coolness/Lemongrass for invigorating /Gardenia for calmness/Frankincense and Myrrh for spiritual cleanliness /Patchouli for patience /Eucalyptus for clear thinking/Lavender for contentment/Orange-Rose for energy 

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  • Adesiyan "The Crown is Good" (Himalayan Salt Soak/Scrub)

    Handmade Himalayan Scrub is exclusively made by Nibusu Beauty having the enticing  blend of coconut, hemp oil and essential oils make for a great exfoliating scrub in and out of the shower. Your body will be healed by the minerals that permeate throughout this scrub. Let your body be renewed.

    Scents are 

    Peppermint for coolness/Lemongrass for invigorating /Gardenia for calmness/Frankincense and Myrrh for spiritual cleanliness /Patchouli for patience /Eucalyptus for clear thinking/Lavender for contentment/Orange-Rose for energy 

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  • Amana "Honesty and Integrity" Black Soap

    Amana Black exfoiliating detoxifying soap is derived from Ghana  and features All Natural Vegan ingredients with not additives. The minimalist approach to the ingredients make for a more potent soap. This soap's allows to use it less often than other Black soaps while attaining superior quality. The Black soap comes in four different sizes:  mini, medi, big and 8oz liquid Black soap.

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