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  • White Margarita Salt

    Our margarita salt is made of premium ingredients to enhance the margarita cocktail experience for all.  consider it the perfect rimmer on those hot summer days.

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    • $8.50
  • Dirty Martini Mix

    Collins Dirty Martini mix is the perfect complement to your favorite gin or vodka when you are ready to enjoy a classic dirty martini.          

    Our mixers originate from third generation family recipes, are hand-made and bottled by Collins employees in Chicago.          

    We insist on the finest quality ingredients to ensure the best-tasting cocktail experience possible.

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    • $6.21
  • Survival Book Sneaky Flask

    This is one book that doesn’t require glasses - unless you plan to pour a round for the rest of us.  Bound between an illustrated hardcover backing, this survival guide supplies you with a cleverly hidden booze-ready flask, tucked secretly between the purely decorative pages.  So pack light, because you have everything you need to brave the wild outdoors.  

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    • $16.99
  • Charade: Bracelet Flask

    Wearing your heart on your sleeve can is not nearly as fun as wearing your drink on your wrist. Perfect situations that require subtle sipping, this bangle flask might be the most utilitarian and stylish accessory you own.

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    • $38.25
  • Sunscreen Sneaky Flask

    This tube may not protect your skin, but it will save you from outrageous bar tabs.  Fill it with 150 mL of your favorite booze and sip incognito at concerts, camping trips, cruises, beach parties and more.  Your judgey in-laws don’t even have to know.  Who knew “sunscreen” could put you in such a good mood? 

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    • $8.50
  • Lotion/Sanitizer Flask Combo

    • Hand sanitizer flask holds 3.33 oz
    • Hand lotion flask holds 6 oz
    • Made by Smuggle Your Booze

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    • $12.40
  • Trickster : Tampon Flask

    No security guard checking your purse is going to mess with your tampons. Each Trickster Tampon Flask in the set of five holds 1 ounce of booze and comes with a tampon wrapper to disguise the tube when it’s full. Hey – if it works, it works!

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    • $10.25
  • Charlie Glass Iced Tea Carafe

    Hot weather is no reason to forego having great tea in style.  This carafe is here to make the whole thing easy!  Just pop in your favorite tea leaves, add some strawberries, mint leaves, or whatever else your creative mind comes up with, and let time do its magic!  When your cold brew is done, you can serve it right out of the carafe - the genius lid filter will sift out everything but the liquid.  Brew it in the fridge or in the sun!

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    • $22.99
  • Tempo™: 16 oz Cocktail Shaker

    This modern three-piece shaker creates cocktails that are out of this world by combining three primary tools in one functional and fun product! Includes shaker, rubber-lined strainer top and jigger cap.

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    • $16.30
  • Old Kentucky Home: Hammered Mule Mug

    Copper is hammered into the iconic shape of a Moscow Mule mug, giving this elegant vessel a bright burnished gleam. Hang it shining in the kitchen or hold it in-hand, brimming with the classic concoction of vodka, ginger, lime and fresh mint.

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    • $23.78
  • The Howler Growler

    Be true to your brew and protect it from UV rays with our 64 oz. amber growler

    Not rated yet
    • $6.78
  • Contour™: 18-Ounce Cocktail Shaker

    Be true to your brew and protect it from UV rays with our 64 oz. amber growler

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    • $17.83
  • Retro™: 24 oz Cocktail Shaker

    Shaken, not stirred. There is a difference between the two when it comes to cocktails. Mix classic drinks properly with this mainstay modern barware, the stainless steel Retro™ Cocktail Shaker.

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    • $29.74
  • Flexi Stemless Wine Glass

    Enjoy these unique stemless wine glasses. Made with flexible plastic, these glasses will never shatter. Great for parties and outdoor BBQ's!

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    • $3.30
  • Belmont™ Gold Plated Flask

    Curious how even the best liquor tastes better from a golden flask. Ours is plated in 14-karat gold, with a liquid-tight lid and six-ounce capacity. Raise a toast to living in a Golden age.

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    • $34.83
  • Gummy Shotz! Flavors Six Pack

    Add a splash of flavor to your drinks with our delectable, edible shot glasses. Gummy Shotz! are great conversation pieces and a fun addition to your next party.

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    • $20.38
  • 6oz Stainless Steel Flask
    • New!

    6oz Stainless Steel Flask

    Rest easy knowing you've got six ounces of liquid goodness in your pocket. Made from stainless steel, the TrueFlask™ is both classy and a classic. Sip up!

    Not rated yet
    • $11.20
  • 16 oz Personalized Tumbler with Straws

    16 oz Double Walled Tumbler

    Not rated yet
    • $15.00
  • Water Cooler

    Not rated yet
    • $135.00
  • Power water pump

    Not rated yet
    • $18.99
  • Berry Lovely

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    • $5.00
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