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Hue 1 + Pygmnt is a fragrance line fostering behavioral change & sustainability through scent.

The brand first started off as a blog that celebrated the senses, specifically color and scent. For 4 years, adored, reviewed, and collected niche perfume and became part of what is known as “FragComm”, a small community of perfume enthusiasts and perfumers. I  had a Youtube channel and even went to perfume shops on my lunch breaks when I had a 9 to 5...it was my escape and grounded me. I believe that perfume is a gateway to reconnecting our relationship to the environment and rekindling the romance between humans and natural smells. 

Our society today has, through consumer products, encouraged us to love synthetic scents that mimic natural essences and that breaks my heart. After a while, I became enamored with the art of perfume making, began to make my own, and grew to understand the toxicity of many ingredients used in fragrance today. 

 This is one of the reasons why I started the Hue 1 + Pygmnt fragrance line. I have an advanced degree in sustainability where I quickly learned...even at an Ivy League institution that we have tragically lost our connection to things and to the earth, ethics, etc.  And corporations that create the most rigorous sustainability reports and initiatives, are still operating from a “Take Make Waste” and or extractive mentality. Also, the fragrance space lacks diversity in leadership and ownership by BIPOC. 

My mission for this brand is to foster the human connection to our planet through scent and color discovery. Why? Because that is the essence of the planet and our humanity. Smelling is a natural human experience that evokes memories and emotions. I feel we have been desensitized to nature and ancestral/tribal practices in the modern world which further fosters the role we play in the climate crisis.

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