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Jamaican Fruit in Shea Butter Bath Bar

Jamaican Fruit in Shea Butter Bath Bar

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Jamaican Fruit is a Shea Butter Bath Bar.  It is a hot process soap with more than 1 oz of Shea Butter in each bar. The soap base is Shea Butter, pure virgin olive oil, castor oil and sodium hydroxide solution (required for all soaps).  You won't find alcohol, animal products, petroleum products or dyes.  

I blended a top of the line body oil blend called Jamaican Fruit. The coloring is cinnamon, paprika and tumeric.  

This is a fragrant, happy scent, kind of fruity. Smells like it would come from an island of huge, fragrant flowers and exotic birds.   The fragrance lingers on the skin along with the benefits of Shea Butter.

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