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Kelp for Shrooms TM

Kelp for Shrooms TM

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Seaweed season for oyster mushrooms. It can be used on other Shrooms.
Contains: Seaweed, sea salt, basil, onion powder (other spices)

Item is sent in a double zipper bag to cut down on cost of shipping etc.

Approximately 1/2 cup (65gm)

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Who Made The Product? I Made It!

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Cooking for Health with Timah FAQ

“Why are your hours limited?”

I’m currently juggling several ventures from manufacturing and distributing Kelp for Shrooms TM and some small catering, locally, for family and friends.

“How do I order your seaweed season on Facebook?”

1. Go to shop area and choose “Kelp for Shroom TM”
2. Read the product details before placing your order.
3. Click button “Check out on Website” you will be required to type in your mailing address, this is a physical product, then be directed to make your purchase securely through the Sowl.co website.
4. All orders are shipped on the following Tuesday.
5. Within 7 days you will be sent via email
a) Confirmation of your order being dispatched
b) Tracking number

“How much season do I receive?”

Kelp for Shroom TM is packed in a double zip bag with approximately 1/2 cup of season. This is the typical amount that would fit into a container for a net.wt of 2.3oz which is about 65grams. Some settling may result during transit.

“What’s in your seaweed season? I have allergies”

Our season contains seaweed which is naturally high in iodine. We also use sea salt, onion and cayenne. If you have allergies to iodine or ingredient consult your physician before placing an order.

“Can I return my Order and get a refund?”

Unfortunately returns are not accepted. If you suspect your delivery has been compromised in transit, please refuse delivery and/ or contact me with details.

“I cant’ find my link when I ordered my eBook. Can you resend it?”

All downloads are directed to the account you provided when placing your order. Be sure to check your spam and junk boxes. Downloads are very limited and you are directed to an expiring download page which can not be restarted.

“Will you offer a hard copy of your cookbook?”

Yes. In the near future a hard copy will be made available.

“Can I share my eBook or make photocopies for my family or post on social media etc...?”

Unfortunately not. Each copy is secured. It is illegal to attempt distribute and make copies in any form or matter without direct, expressed and written consent from the author. All copyrights are owned and operated by Timah-Artist Extraordinaire. Contact us.

“My question isn’t answered here?”

Please drop your question to [email protected]

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Michigan, United States
  • Ancestral: Roots, Herbs, and Spices


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