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  • A Sister For My Birthday

    Today’s a very special day – it’s Jackson’s 3rd birthday! Mama and Daddy have a fun day planned for Jackson while his big brother Jordan is at school. But when Mama tells Daddy, “It’s time!” everything changes. Jackson isn’t quite sure what’s happening, but his birthday will never be the same!

    Praise for A Sister for My Birthday: "A Sister for My Birthday" is a beautifully illustrated, touching story about the arrival of a baby in Jackson’s family. He sweetly shares his special day with his new little sister. This would be a wonderful story to read with young siblings preparing for the birth of a new baby. I will definitely recommend this book to my parents.

    Dr. Jacqui McMillian, PhD, RN
    Certified Nurse-Midwife, Assistant Professor Duke University School of Nursing

    What a sweet book! A Sister for My Birthday is inclusive of a multitude of families. It is simple and straightforward, perfect for the preschool group and will allow families to answer specific questions about a new baby without bringing up too much too soon.

    Robin Elise Weiss, PhD, MPH, CLC
    Doula, Pregnancy/Birth Consultant, and Award-winning Author

    Reading Level - early reader - 1st grade

    26 pages - full color

    Not rated yet
    • $12.95
  • A Tiny Baby Brother

    Jordan is going to be a big brother and he can't wait! But when Jackson is born, he is so small that he has to stay in the hospital for a long time. Jordan and his family visit him every day. But all Jordan wants is for Jackson to be big enough to come home!

    Praise for "A Tiny Baby Brother"

    "Every time I see a newborn in my office I always ask how their older siblings are doing. This is especially important when the baby has been in the NICU. “A Tiny Baby Brother” helps a big brother understand, bond, and be excited about meeting his premature baby brother. It is an excellent story for families to share with their new big brothers or sisters."
    Heather M. Dettro, MD

    "When will baby Jackson come home? The excitement, joy, and wonder of big brotherhood perfectly captured."
    Alecia Kennedy
    Author/blogger/chief rule breaker "Breaking All the Rules"

    Reading Level - early reader - 1st grade

    30 pages - full color

    Not rated yet
    • $12.95
  • Rat Race: Journey of Hope


    Rat Race: Journey of Hope will be available for delivery beginning April 20, 2021. Preorder your copy today!

    The Legends racing team has a big problem. 

    They’re running out of money, and there's only one way to fix it—win a million dollars in the 'Round the World Race. But there's one huge obstacle: they can't find enough racers. Rexie Rat volunteers, but Big Rex won't even consider it. 

    Rexie is determined to prove she's ready to race, no matter what it takes. Even worse, the other team members have troubles of their own that no one knows about—yet. Can Rexie convince her father that she's good enough to compete? Will she be there for the team when they need her most? 

    In this new series by Tiffany Robinson, author of the popular book Zoe's Sidewalk, the Legends—and readers, too—discover that just like the Legends, we're all in this together.

    "This is one of those books you have forever. Subtle but powerful."
    Dave W. Christopher, Sr.
    Executive Director, AMPED
    Louisville, KY

    Not rated yet
    • $12.95
  • Tatiana and Kitty

    Tatiana is excited she has found a furry friend, but Mommy says Kitty has to go back to his house. He sits outside their door and meows all night. Mama can’t sleep and lets him in. Tatiana is so happy! Will she find a way to tell Mommy and Daddy that Kitty needs a family and wants to stay?

    Praise for Tatiana and Kitty:

    “This is such a special book. Tiffany’s ability to capture the emotion of the moment and weave it into the story is incredibly powerful. No matter how old you are you will connect with this wonderful book.”
    Cher Jones
    Social Media Trainer & Personal Branding
    StrategistSocially Active

    Reading Level - early reader - 1st grade

    34 pages - full color

    Not rated yet
    • $12.95
  • Zoe's Garden

    As the school year comes to an end, Zoe learns her parents have planned a surprise adventure for her over the summer. Zoe can't wait to hear the news, but is devastated when she learns she will spend most of the summer away from home on a farm with relatives she doesn't know. It’s clear that her parents aren’t going to change their minds, and Zoe has to make the most of what seems like a horrible situation. This is the story of a young girl who makes a decision to overcome her fears and take on challenges more difficult than she could have ever imagined.

    5-star Amazon review!

    Reading Level - 2-4th grade

    58 Pages 

    Not rated yet
    • $12.95
  • Zoe's Sidewalk

    Scared and feeling helpless after her grandmother’s heart attack, all Zoe wants is for Gram to come home and get better. On the very day Gram finally returns, Zoe’s joy turns to sadness when she learns there is one big problem standing in the way of Gram's recovery. The next day at school, Zoe decides to take a chance when she realizes she might be the only person who can change everything for Gram. This is the story of a grandmother's love and a girl's journey toward making a difference that no one would ever forget.

    5- Star Amazon Reviews:

    "Enjoyed reading this sweet story with my 6-year-old daughter. Love the confidence Zoe gained when she realized she could make a difference and change her neighborhood for the better. We read it over a few nights at bedtime, and she couldn’t wait to hear the rest of the story. I highly recommend."

    United States

    "This is an enjoyable read for children of all ages. The author developed a story that inspires and challenges us to make our dreams reality."

    United States

    Reading Level - 2-4th grade

    58 pages

    Not rated yet
    • $12.95

My mission is to inspire people and bring them joy through positivity, kindness, and creativity. 

LaPeche Books is an Atlanta-based sole-proprietor, black, woman, service-disabled veteran owned business. My favorite part of being an author is working with students, and talking about their ideas and dreams for the future. 

My most important role is mother - God blessed me with three children, teenage and older. They are a constant source of inspiration.

In addition to the USAF, I've worked in corporate and academic public health, project management, consulting, taught college classes, and owned a restaurant. Experience and failure are my best teachers.

When I'm not working, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, eating good food, listening to funky music, and traveling to interesting places.

LaPeche Books publishes books that model loving families, friendships, community, and kindness. My stories represent positive social norms and place emphasis on characters of African descent. We didn't have representative books when I was a child or young adult, and I want to change that for kids and adults today.

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