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Mommy, What is History? (Curious Little One) (Volume 1)
Mommy, What is History? (Curious Little One) (Volume 1) Mommy, What is History? (Curious Little One) (Volume 1)

Mommy, What is History? (Curious Little One) (Volume 1)

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It should be well known that the MOTHER is the first teacher, and the most influential person during the early development of the CHILD. Her thinking, her health and worldview will play a major role in how the little person will view life, until they come in contact with the worldly environment. This book is intended to provide young parents, the youth, and adults alike; with a better understanding as to how important history is, and how knowledge of history, leads to KNOWLEDGE of SELF.

This eventually leads to an attitude adjustment, which in turn alters your behavior. And when you change your consciousness, you change your world! Mommy, What Is History, takes the reader into the home of an African American mother and her child. They live in Anytown, USA. The story involves “Little One”, who is a curious yet eager child and “Mommy”, is a loving and caring mother. Mommy attends school at night and takes online classes, not to mention she independently studies world history, which is 90% actual and factual African history (No MATTER if one REFUTES IT!).

She knows that molding “Little One’s” mental development at an early age is very much necessary in order to reverse slave minded mentality, which is very much needed in 2014. Mommy also knows that biologically she is the “first teacher” of the child. And it is her natural job to ingrain information into the mind of “Little One”, by all means necessary!


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