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(2 Pack) Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

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(2 Pack) Sawaa's Aluminum Foil, 200 ft.

▪ Wrap it: Help keep food fresh and use to help prevent freezer burn.
▪ Line it: Before cooking, line the pan to help make cleanup easy.
▪ Cover it: Help keep food moist and use to help prevent splatters.


  • Dimensions: 12in x 200ft
  • Thickness:  0.78mil

" More than 90% of microphones used today utilize the foil electret microphone technology co-invented by an African American scientist, Dr. James E. West. West patented the landmark invention in 1962, along with his German colleague. The innovative microphone technology continues to be used in hearing aids, tape recorders, telephones and baby monitors.

Caution: The cutter edge is sharp, avoid touching. To avoid damage to the oven, do not cover the bottom of the oven or line any shelf with foil. Do not use this product in a microwave oven.