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Body Balm Stick - Natural Fragrance

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*This product will melt in temperatures over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Garner's Garden will not be responsible for reimbursement if product melts during shipment.

Our NATURAL Fragrance Body Balm Stick will quickly become your favorite product to moisturize your skin with! You no longer have to warm up body butter or shea butter in your hands before applying it to your body. Just uncap the natural Body Balm Stick and run it over your chest, down to your navel, shoulders, thighs, and the sides of your buttocks and then, just spread it over your entire body for a quick, but highly effective way to moisturize your ENTIRE body.

Convenient for travel and everyday use, you will fall in LOVE with our moisturizing body balm stick! Choose from your favorite natural fragrance or select the BOGO option to receive a variety pack of moisturizer sticks.

One organic body balm stick is large enough to give a single person of average size, around 4 weeks of usage, using it every day (NET WT is actually 4.23 oz but the label says 2.5 oz because that is the size of the container, technically - TSA approved).

Choose your favorite natural fragrance:

  • Ocean Breeze:  hints of lemon, bergamot, and orange, while cypress and sandalwood add a smooth depth.
  • Tropical Coconut: blends juicy coconut and citrus with fruity notes of pineapple, and pear on a soft base of vanilla bean.
  • Brown Sugar: Coconut nectars drip to thick caramel and creamy vanilla notes. As the sweetness evaporates, it leaves behind pure honey and brown sugar aromas.

*Our Fragrances are 100% NATURAL*


WARNING: For external use only. If rash or irritation occurs, stop usage immediately and seek medical attention if needed.