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Body Butter - Natural Fragrance

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 *This product will melt in temperatures over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Garner's Garden will not be responsible for reimbursement if product melts during shipment.

Treat your skin to our natural whipped body butter made out of the finest ingredients and 100% NATURAL fragrance. After the first use, you will see and feel a noticeable difference in the softness and glow of your skin. Our body butter is the ultimate pamper product for daily use!

Choose from your favorite natural fragrance:

  • Ocean Breeze:  hints of lemon, bergamot, and orange, while cypress and sandalwood add a smooth depth.
  • Tropical Coconut: blends juicy coconut and citrus with fruity notes of pineapple, and pear on a soft base of vanilla bean.
  • Brown Sugar: Coconut nectars drip to thick caramel and creamy vanilla notes. As the sweetness evaporates, it leaves behind pure honey and brown sugar aromas.

*Our Fragrances are 100% NATURAL*

This is the most luxurious whipped body butter with 100% natural ingredients and natural fragrance that you can purchase. Not only does it provide moisture to your skin, but because it is a natural whipped body butter made with beeswax, it will lock moisture into your skin all day long!

** Label may say 8 oz, but it is actually Net Weight 10 oz.


Discontinue use if redness, irritation, or swelling occurs. Consult medical attention.