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Caribbrew Haitian Coffee

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Organic Haitian Coffee BEANS - Medium RoastOrganic Haitian Coffee BEANS - Medium Roast

Caribbrew Organic Haitian Coffee

Medium Roast

  • Elevation: 4000 + feet
  • Method: washed, sun dried
  • Beans: Premium Arabica Beans, Single Origin - Haiti
  • Roast Level: Medium Roast

This coffee is what you get served when visiting a Haitian household or at a beach resort in Haiti's finest coastal destinations.

Smooth and aromatic and heavy bodied, it is less acidic and less bitter than most roasts. This is coffee is loved by many coffee connoisseurs. Sip on and make a difference!


Premium Haitian Coffee

medium lifestyle Haitian coffee

  • Haitian coffee
  • Vegan
  • Medium Roast Coffee
  • Black owned coffee
  • Caribbean

You can keep the test that says chemical free,

caribbrew is dedicated to providing ect.

Remove the bag where the farmer is. Let the farmer be on the slide by her self.
Organic Haitian Coffee BEANS - Medium Roast