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Carpet Freshener

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This 10oz handmade carpet freshener is a natural and effective way to refresh and deodorize your carpets. Made with a blend of essential and clean fragrance oils, this carpet freshener uses the power of baking soda to neutralize odors and leave a pleasant, lasting aroma.

Simply sprinkle a small amount on your carpet, wait a few minutes, and vacuum as usual for a clean and fragrant home. This freshener is safe for use on all types of carpets and is perfect for those looking for a chemical-free alternative to traditional carpet cleaners.

Whether you have pets, children, or are just looking to freshen up your home, this handmade carpet freshener is the perfect solution.

Sprinkle generously on carpets; allow to sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Then vacuum. Your carpet will be nicely scented & refreshed as well as your vacuum! :)

This container is awesome! And refills can be bought.  This will come in a white reusable shaker lid container.

You can also reuse this container & order my replacement large bags to refill this sturdy container!

We also sell refills for our carpet freshener.


  • Natural and effective odor neutralizer
  • Made with a blend of essential and clean fragrance oils
  • Chemical-free
  • Safe for all types of carpets
  • Easy to use: simply sprinkle and vacuum
  • Handmade
  • 10oz size
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Perfect for freshening up carpets in homes with pets or children


Baking Soda, Fragrance Oils, Essential oils



  • Vacuum your carpet thoroughly before applying carpet freshener.
  • Shake the carpet freshener container well to ensure the powder is evenly distributed.
  • Sprinkle the carpet freshener powder evenly over the carpet, focusing on high traffic areas and spots where odors are concentrated.
  • Allow the powder to sit on the carpet for the recommended time (usually around 15-20 minutes).
  • Vacuum up the powder thoroughly, using slow, overlapping strokes to ensure that all of the powder is removed.
  • Dispose of the vacuum bag or empty the canister promptly to prevent odors from building up in your vacuum.




Woodland Spice is a captivating blend of honey, spices, with a smooth woody base. Hints of bergamot and herbal coriander give way to honey and amber. Tonka bean adds a touch of vanilla that complements the bold honey. Resinous oud wood, musk, ground this fragrance with an earthy base. This cozy fragrance has a rich sweetness that can summon memories of fragrant honey . 


  • Top -  Bergamot
  • Middle -  Coriander, Honey, Amber
  • Bottom -  Tobacco Leaves, Oud, Tonka Bean, Dark Musk

Lavender Sage fragrance begins with top notes of French lavender, lime, sage, and fern leaves; followed by middle notes of dill, pepper, moss, and ginger; and well rounded with base notes of pine, musk, and patchouli

Top - French Lavender, Lime, Sage, Fern Leaves
Middle - Dill, Pepper, Moss, and Ginger
Base - Pine, Musk, Patchouli



This scent a vibrant and invigorating aroma akin to the tender buds of spring that awaken from their winter slumber. The scent profile is intensified by the presence of sweet agave and aqueous aloe, which elevate the natural freshness of the newly cut green leaves and chrysanthemum petals. To balance the scent, base notes of earthy patchouli are added, grounding the fragrance with a pleasing and harmonious finish.


  • Top -  Aloe, Agave
  • Middle -  Chrysanthemum, Green Floral, Green Leaves
  • Bottom -  Patchouli


~Violet and Saffron~

A seductive blend of aromatic herbs, warm amber, and florals, Black Violet and Saffron fragrance oil adds mystique to luxury product lines. Gentle notes of bergamot and geranium fade into a bouquet of rose and violet with a woodsy, rich base of saffron with a hint of leather and vetiver.

  • Top - Bergamot, Geranium
  • Middle - Rose, Violet, Raspberry
  • Base - Saffron, Leather, Vetiver



Resinous woody notes intermingle with sweet smoke in this ode to oud. Smoked Oud fragrance oil captures an image of soaring cathedrals and censers with a blend of incense, smoke, oud, resin (frankincense, myrrh, amber), and musk. A hint of a spearmint and leather bind this distinctive fragrance together.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including clove leaf, cypress, cedar, patchouli, olibanum, vetiver, cade, black pepper, elemi, spearmint, and guaiacwoo


  • Top - Incense, Spearmint
  • Middle - Smoke
  • Base - Oud, Frankincense/Olibanum, Myrrh, Amber, Musk, Leather


This light, calming fragrance revision maintains the spa-inspired qualities of the previous iteration with a calming medley of bamboo foliage and green florals.

Top - Aloe, Lime, Cantaloupe
Middle - Bamboo, Green Leaves
Base - Moss, Chrysanthemum, Amber



Sultry and sensual, Rose Wood is one of the most intoxicating scents we’ve released. Top notes of rich oud, peppercorn, and blackberry rise above a floral heart of rose and carnation. Velvet accents of myrrh, dark musk, and warm amber evolve this sensual fragrance into something mysterious. Warm, woodsy notes balance out the floral heart of this refined fragrance to give it a complex and seductive edge.


  • Top – Oud, Peppercorn, Blackberry
  • Middle – Rose, Carnation
  • Bottom – Myrrh, Dark Musk, Amber