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Dark Roast Premium Haitian Coffee

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Caribbew Dark Roast Beans

Premium Haitian Coffee

Elevation: 4000–5000 feet

Method: Washed

Beans: Premium Arabica Beans, Single Origin - Haiti

Roast Level: Dark

This coffee is what you get served when visiting a Haitian household or at a beach resort in Haiti's finest coastal destinations.

Dark and aromatic and heavy bodied, it is less acidic and less bitter. This is coffee is loved by many coffee connoisseurs.

Caribbrew Coffee and Cacao Farmers in Haiti

Caribbrew,Haitian,coffee, Arabica, Woman,black owned,smooth ,low acid,beans, dark roast

Caribbrew dark roast Coffee whole beans arabica 12 Ounce Haitian Carribbrew  strong smooth flavor

Caribbrew Dark roast

Explore the Caribbean without leaving your home. Start your day with our single origin Haitian coffee.

Our beans are handpicked, roasted in small batches to deliver a smooth cup with an invigorating aroma.

Woman Coffee Farmer in Haiti

Caribbrew partners with small-scale coffee farmers in Haiti. We pay above the fair-trade minimum per pound.

When you drink our coffee, you are making a difference for multiple, marginalized coffee growers in Haiti.

Caribbrew,Haitian,coffee, Arabica, Woman,black owned,smooth ,low acid,beans, dark roast

Single Origin Haitian Coffee, micro-lot, by Caribbrew

Direct trade, Small batch, Premium
  • Haitian coffee
  • Vegan
  • Dark Roast Coffee
  • Direct trade Coffee
  • fairtrade coffee
  • Black black woman owned