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Farmers' Fund

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As you know, Caribbrew's mission focuses heavily on supporting farmers in Haiti. We started by partnering with a few hundred farmers in 2018.

Today we work with over 3000 farmers from coffee to cacao, and some other crops.

One of the biggest challenges we face throughout the supply chain, from Haiti and even in the U.S. is access to capital.

In Haiti, the bank loans have incredibly high interest rate, 24%!

It makes it impossible for farmers to make a living or a profit from selling their beans when the cost of their working capital is that high.

Where do we come in?

We pay a deposit on the coffee before the harvest season starts, i.e. before it even leaves Haiti. This money can be used towards labor to harvest, process, and package the green beans before they are exported.

It takes coffee cherries at least 6 months to ripen, then harvested. Our deposit helps farmers to start earning for the hard work they put in the past 6 months.

As a small business, it's challenging to always have the upfront funds to support our partners in Haiti. Even in the U.S., we face challenges to gain proper access to capital.

You probably know about the challenges that diverse or minority founders face to raise institutional capital. With inflation rising, the cost of borrowed capital also increased in the past few months.

Your help can assist us in making larger deposits, let's say 20% instead of 10% on next year's harvest.

If you would like to donate and support our mission of bringing back Haiti's coffee to the world and creating sustainable income for Haitian farmers, you can send any amount to our Paypal at or choose one of the amounts below.

Thank you for your continuous support. Together we are shifting the coffee ecosystem and the quality of life of thousands in Haiti.

Caribbrew Team