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HAIR & SCALP MOISTURIZER For Curly & Coily Hair | 100% Vegan

by Naturaz
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Are you wondering where you can find the best natural products for black hair for growth? Are you looking to grow long, healthy natural hair? The Naturaz Hair & Scalp Moisturizer is a 100% VEGAN natural and organic oil-based leave in moisturizer.  It will add moisture, volume, shine and softness to your hair, scalp and all your styles. It contains Coconut Oil which is high in fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients like vitamins A, C & ESunflower Lecithin which moisturizes and makes the hair soft and shiny and also strengthens dry, brittle hair, Jojoba Oil which is similar to the sebum produced by your scalp and is an excellent hair moisturizer and conditioner.   Use the Naturaz Hair & Scalp Moisturizer:

  • As Scalp treatment
  • To reduce itching & flaking
  • To promote natural hair growth
  • To repair and strengthen the hair
  • To nourish and keep your hair soft
  • To protect hair during heat treatments
  • To soften new growth in any type of hair AND reduce breakage

The Naturaz Hair & Scalp Moisturizer is also gentle enough for people who experience scalp conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 

We recommend that you use a product line consistently for six months to give it time to nourish and restore your hair to health.