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Jamaican Blue Mountain

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PRE-ORDER - Coffee will be shipped first week of December!

Direct trade

Elevation: 7000+

Method: Washed

Roast: Medium Dark

Tasting notes: brown sugar, grapefruit

Finish: Medium Bodied


Grown in the nutrient-rich, mountainous soil of Jamaica, this coffee is sought after by connoisseurs from around the globe. Through a labour of love, these beans are handpicked and carefully sorted. We roast them just right to let their subtle flavours shine through.
Escape to the Caribbean with our direct trade Blue Mountain Coffee, certified by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA).

We are committed to fair business partnerships. Your purchases create income, provide better access to education and contribute to strengthening communities.

Drink our coffee, Experience our culture, and make a difference!

This is 100% single origin, not blend!

We offer the BEST price for 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain! 

Coffee will come in a temporary packaging. 

Thank you