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Kid's Mouthwash and ToothPASTE Package

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Garner's Garden has specially formulated a fluoride-free, natural kid's mouthwash (8 fl oz) and natural ToothPASTE (2 oz , 4 oz, or 9oz) package! Our kid's mouthwash is made with therapeutic grade essential oils and 1% food grade H2O2 which will repel plaque, assist in preventing and protecting against oral disease, and our all-natural mouthwash will also provide your child with long-lasting fresh breath.

In addition to the children's mouthwash, we now offer an all-natural, fluoride-free, toothpaste alternative - Kid's TootPASTE. Our clay tooth powder is an effective oral deodorizer that focuses on not masking oral odor, but rather adsorbing (yes, aDsorbing) odor-causing bacteria that reside in your child's mouth. It will also assist in whitening your child's teeth over a period of time.