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Minty Tangerine Soap

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Certified Organic, cold processed Minty Tangerine Soap Bars made with premium ingredients to ensure your bathing experience is a satisfying one.  Do you like tangerines? Do you like mint? This is the perfect bar of zesty soap for you! 

This tangerine and mint body soap bar has a host of benefits from using premium ingredients, such as: 

  • Organic Wheat Bran: Contains over 100 known vitamins and also contains antioxidants that will have a positive impact on the pigment of your skin and helps with anti-inflammatory effects. Rich in Vitamins E and B-6 to help soften and nourish skin.
  • Organic Oatmeal: Helps absorb excess oil on skin. It contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to help treat dry skin and remove dead skin cells.
  • Organic Paprika: Packed with vitamins, iron, and beta carotene which will help reduce the visible signs of aging and again spots/freckles.

1 bar of tangerine and mint body soap should last a person 20-30 days for average consumption

Scent: Cool and fruity/citrus

Size: 1-inch thickness

Weight: Approx 3.5 oz