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Naturally Him Collection

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Original price $74.00
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Current price $66.00

Great gift set for Father’s Day or any other special occasion! Men will love this. Still Looking For An Aluminum Free Deodorant That Works and Eliminates Stinky Pits.... Look No Further! Includes Full Size Deodorant, 4 oz Beard Butter, 4 oz Shea Butter, 8oz Beard Wash and 4oz Bar Soap!  

Regular Price of Items $74.00 Save 10% on Collection Price!

One Stick Of Our Deodorant Is Known to Last 3 Months OR Longer.

Collections Are Excluded From Additional Sales or Coupon Deals Due To Bundled Pricing. 


Beard Wash, Beard Butter & Shea Butter scents:

Egyptian Musk, earthy scent with notes of myrrh and cardamom.

Sandalwood, rich notes of amber, sandalwood and vanilla. 

Cool Clean, similar too Cool water it's fresh and vibrant.

Black Orchard, soft masculine scent of patchouli and black orchard flowers. 

Unscented, smells like cocoa butter. 


Deodorant scents: 

Lavender, refreshing scent with floral & herbal notes. 

Cool Clean, similar to Cool water it's fresh and vibrant. 

Fresh Sport, a fresh scent with notes of balsamic and pine.

Spiced Oakmoss, a earthy blend of patchouli, sandalwood and clove. 

Egyptian Musk, earthy notes of myrrh and cardamom.  


Bar Soap Scents: 


Blue Musk

Fresh & Clean

Spiced Oak