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Oil Infused Pick

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The Oil Infused Pick is made out of violet wood, soaked into essential oils, and vacuum sealed like our combs. The long rounded teeth get to hard to reach hairs in the beard and scalp. The wood allows the distribution of natural oils without damaging the hair when styling to finish.

For decades people with afro-textured hair have been raised to pick their hair while dry, and this can cause damage when done improperly. Our Oil Infused Pick adds additional moisture to the scalp. Natural oils from the scalp and oils from the pick combine to leave your scalp moisturized.

Start at the foundation of your hair, starting with one section, gently run Afro pick through your hair and stretch the root until desired style is achieved.

Do NOT leave in water or leave wet, Keep out of direct sunlight, Keep out of freezing temperature, Store in excess oils

INGREDIENTS: Olive Oil and Argan Oil.

Materials: Ethically Sourced Violet Red Wood