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Oxy Pulling Mouthwash

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 Oxy Pulling is our innovative and groundbreaking pre-brush cleaning solution to take the place of the oil pulling method. Now, with our new Oxy Pulling method, you can give your mouth the most thorough pre-wash rinse that you have EVER experienced by the magic of Activated Charcoal and by way of the “Power of Oxygen!” 

Why pre-brush? Simple. Your mouth accumulates billions of microorganisms that aren’t all good for your oral health. Instead of brushing with this muck in your mouth, take 20 secs and POWER WASH your mouth using our 100% Natural, Fluoride Free Oxy Pulling! Remember, this is just 1 product out of a 2 step and 3 product process! (use Oral Care Trio for best results)


14 Day Guarantee!

All of our All-Natural Oral Care products are fluoride-free and free from sweeteners (natural or synthetic), alcohols, dyes, artificial flavorings, colors, and dangerous chemicals and preservatives. And of course, they’re also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free!

* There are two options for the oral rinses: Regular Strength and Sensitive Formula. If you have sensitive areas in your mouth and you have not yet used this natural oral rinse before, you might want to start out with the sensitive formula. Whichever strength you pick, you will see amazing results! Sensitive/Reduced Strength/Formula is half the strength of the Regular/Normal version.

Click the “Ingredients” Tab to Learn about all the Benefits!

WARNING: We recommend peppermint at first -  cinnamon essential oil may be strong for sensitive mouths! DO NOT PURCHASE CINNAMON IF YOU ARE A FIRST TIME CUSTOMER. Instead, purchase a travel size bottle to see if cinnamon is the right choice for you. It is advisable to consult a doctor/dentist before you use any skincare or oral care products, especially if you have skin or oral disease. This is important so as to avoid potential bodily damage or adverse side effects.


If you have braces, veneers, dentures, etc, please consult your dentist. If irritation, swelling, or inflammation occurs, discontinue use and seek dental advice. Do not swallow.