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Sweet Orange Bar Soap

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Elevate your bathing ritual with the vibrant allure of our Zesty Radiance Cold Process Soap. Masterfully crafted with a curated blend of nature's finest oils and butters, this soap is a vivacious dance of citrusy delights and spicy undertones. The fragrance opens with the sassy notes of Valencia orange, sparkling bergamot, and zesty tangerine, followed by the sultry hints of tart cassis, refreshing orange juice, and ethereal neroli. The experience is deepened with the surprising kick of ground pepper and fiery chili pepper, settling into the soft embrace of sheer musk. Every lather is a zesty celebration, invoking a sense of joy and vivacity.


  1. Deeply Hydrating: Combining the moisturizing prowess of Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Olive oil, Palm Oil, and Cocoa Butter, this soap ensures skin feels soft, smooth, and replenished after every wash.

  2. Luxurious Lather: Castor Oil is known for producing a rich and creamy froth, ensuring a deep, yet gentle cleansing experience suitable for all skin types.

  3. Pure Elixir: Distilled water guarantees the utmost purity in every bar, enhancing the nourishing properties of the combined oils and butters.

  4. Skin Soothing: Kaolin Clay, renowned for its gentle exfoliating and detoxifying properties, ensures a soothing cleanse, reducing redness and impurities.

  5. Vibrant Fragrance: The unique fragrance oil blend captures the lively essence of citrus and spice, offering an invigorating sensory experience that recharges and uplifts the spirit.

  6. Balanced Care: The soap's harmonious composition ensures a balance of deep hydration and effective cleansing, leaving skin feeling refreshed and radiant.

  7. Energizing Experience: The saucy combination of ingredients not only cleanses but also energizes the skin, making every bath a rejuvenating affair.

Dive into a world of zest and excitement with the Zesty Radiance Cold Process Soap - a radiant blend that awakens the senses and rejuvenates the soul.