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Toasted Almond Hot Chocolate

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A decadent cup of hot chocolate with nutty amaretto flavor, a crowd favorite! This classic drink made with two simple ingredients, cacao and almond, will surely satisfy your chocolate cravings.

It pairs well with any milk! Woohoo! Add this mix to your favorite smoothie or ice cream, or simply make a velvety cup of hot chocolate. It's a nice twist of aroma, nuttiness, and chocolate goodness! A little different than our spiced vanilla, just as great and delicious!

Caribbrew partners with associations of cacao farmers in the town of Limonade, Haiti to create sustainable income and produce the best chocolate.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!



Bag: 8 oz

Ingredients: Cacao powder, almond extract

Unsweetened - Pure cacao (not instant).

Easy to make. Check out the 3rd picture for the recipe.