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Seamoss Smoothie Blend

Seamoss Smoothie Blend

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Two varieties of seaweed pulverized into a powder offering 92 trace minerals of which makes up the body. The same minerals in the earth and the sea are found within our bodies. Seamoss Smoothie Blend nourishes the bones, thyroid & glands, fights bad breathe, pulmonary illnesses & respiration. Calms coughs, balances appetite, aids in digestion, effective in ulcers, aids in regulating bowels, kidneys and the heart. Irish Moss is effective against Cancer, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and cholesterol build up. High in Zinc, Calcium, and Vitamins A & B complex.


Can be used as a meal or in addition to your regular meals.


Place 1 to 2 teaspoons in blender, add 4 cups of almond milk, 2 cups or water, fruit, vanilla and sweetener (if desired) (i.e.) Grade B Maple Syrup, Raw Blue Agave Nectar, Dates, Coconut Nectar, or Stevia. Fruit can be your natural sweetener as well. Blend on High and Enjoy! 


Ingredients: *Sea Moss/Irish Moss & *Kelp.



16 oz.


This formulation does not include the Sea Vegetable Bladderwrack. 


Suitable for hyperthyroidism and for those who want to avoid weight-loss.

Do not take during pregnancy, contact us for customized order. 


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