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SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal 100% PURE ALOE VERA SHAMPOO BAR & RAW MALI SHEA BUTTER! 2 packs, 450gr/1lb, $30 including shipping!

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GREETINGS FROM AfricanHerbal SenegalStyle 


THANK YOU for looking at our post!  Please take the time to look at the photos above READ the information I've included on the pictures - it's the SHORT VERSION of this extremely long post!!

The reason I put all these pictures, both historical and current is to PROVE that our 100% PURE Mali Shea Butter and Aloe Vera  is AUTHENTIC, manufactured in Africa, distributed by me (DOS American, from Pensacola, FL) and worthy to be on this 

We Buy Black site! 


BACKGROUND:  Shea Butter is from Africa, the Motherland... everyone knows about Shea Butter but what YOU don't know is that although the most popular Shea is from Ghana, most of it has palm oil added giving it a more yellow color to orange color (and has a pungent smell).  Shea butter affectionados will add all kinds of ' essential oils' - let's be real we all know why! lol!!   

To Kill the Smell! 

This is shea butter from Ghana in it's natural state as it's sold every day here in Africa:


It's out in the open where exhaust and pollution can get on it and contaminate the supply.  It's shipped wrapped in coconut palm tree leaves, packed in a plastic bag and boxed up.  If someone buys a smaller amount they simply cut a piece off and wrap it in paper that's been torn from cement bags... if you have been buying 'natural' shea butter at your local African shop or off the streets, ask if they have some wrapped in coconut palm fronds, as if you'd like it.  

Then you'll know that the shea butter you are buying isn't very hygenic - so be careful, especially using it on children with eczema and open wounds... it could get infected.  This is how we get our Mali Shea Butter, in packages, in bags, arrive clean:


The other bad thing about Ghana butter is the orange/yellow one expires (but there's never a date on your cement bag wrapping paper!  Because it's not air tight and in packages like the Mali butter pictured at the top of this post, it goes bad, dries out, crumbles, stinks... it's the palm oil that makes it 'off' and that's the worst quality you can get. 

The more yellow/orange, the more it's been 'cut' with palm oil to increase the profits of the supplier.

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HOWEVER there is another better quality butter and more rare Shea tree that grows in the West African country of MALI  and this is what you see here.  Let me show you a video of EXACTLY who makes it and EXACTLY where it's made.  There's not many suppliers that can prove the country/place of origin of their items but when you buy with SenegalStyle, rest assured, I am PERSONALLY fulling your order and I don't send anyone ANYTHING that I wouldn't use myself!  

Here's the video about MALI SHEA BUTTER... remember, Mali is a different (Sub-Saharan African) country, totally different than Ghana:  


As you can clearly see, our shea butter is different.  It's a vanilla/white color and has a softer texture, MELTS IMMEDIATELY into your hands and liquifies very easily. 

LOOK how creamy this is in the package!  You can almost squeeze it! 


Mali and Ghana have two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ecosystems and therefore the Shea tree and the butter that comes from the kernels are different. Mali is a desert... dry and arid, not much water, Ghana is tropical full of lush vegetation and lots of rain. The trees have adapted to their location accordingly and therefore you have two different kinds of Shea butter one without much of a smell, one that is growing in a lush tropical area with lots of rainfall but both, coming from a similar, but not exactly, the same tree. 


Another difference is in Mali, the Shea industry is run by women, in Ghana it's not the same. 

The co-op that we/I personally use is here on this video.  It shows you EXACTLY who makes the shea butter, where, how and how to use it. Mali butter is soft and smooth out of the package, if you look at the photos above  you can see where I have crimped the top of the package.  You can't do that with Ghana butter because it's harder and less pliable unless it's sitting in the sun.  The BEST QUALITY Mali Shea butter (what we sell) you can snip off a corner and squeeze it out of the package!  It will come out like soft serve ice cream and be sooooo smoooooth on your skin and takes away ALL YOUR ASH IMMEDIATELY, SOAKS INTO YOUR PORES and doesn't leave any lingering scent.  It's PERFECT for babies, children, teens and adults and if you start your baby out early with Mali shea butter on their skin & hair you will never have a problem with cradle cap, eczema, dandruff or diaper rash.


These are photos of my son Jonathan - when he was a little guy he had dreads:


and as a teenager - how many teenagers do you know have skin like this?!


and me and him together!


Use on feet to soften them at night (sleep in socks) and before swimming to keep chlorine and salt water from penetrating your skin; in fact, the Senegalese salt miners use this shea butter to keep salt from entering their bodies when working at Lake Retba (Lake Rose).  See how this man's body is glistening? That's because of the shea butter.  The lake has a high saline content and it's dangerous for them to be out there longer than 4hrs a day, 3x a week.  The shea butter is another precaution to keep the extra salt out of their body. 


It's amazing stuff - you won't believe it! 

100% AUTHENTIC AFRICA SEA SALT also sold by AfricanHerbal!  See this link for other products! 


Personally I use ONLY Mali shea butter for both my skin and my hair. 

ONLY.  This is ME and this is MY HAIR - no weaves, extensions, wigs, etc.



SHOWER & WASH MY HAIR DAILY!  I know, I don't look 57 

do I?! lol!  

I don't have a bathroom full of hair care products even though my hair is past my waist, almost to my knees as you can see.  I wash my hair (dreadlocks) and oil with shea butter afterwards, locking in moisture (no spraying various oils thruout the day is necessary) and that's IT! At night I spread some Shea around my edges and wrap my hair in plastic and that creates a 'hot oil treatment' - in the morning my hair is a little damp from the captured heat and the Shea butter has moisturized my hair. It is soft to the touch and grows with no effort!   I twist myself two or three times a week with Mali Shea Butter - it's light and doesn't cause build up.  This is MY HAIR growing out of MY HEAD.  


Did you ever notice that people selling hair products never show THEMSELVES and what those products did for them?  Then when you google their name they're wearing hair weave or baldheaded! lol!  Well that's not what I do.  U can SEE for yourself the date stamps on the bottom of some of the photos above.  I have pictures going back almost a decade and the undated ones are older than that - like this one, when I was young dumb (too many skinny locs) and had beautiful naturally brown/chestnut hair!


I got tired of the maintenance, cut it off and started over... now it's dyed black to cover the grey and I've grown it back to a little longer than it was in the photo above! 


I'm doing a challenge of sorts, started 3 years ago, to see how long it would grow using AfricanHerbal Mali Shea Butter & the Aloe Vera Shampoo Bar.  I had my son cut it to the middle of my back for my birthday.  I normally cut my hair every couple of years on my birthday but I've skipped doing that for 3 years. 

Impressive right?!  

So here's how it works:  When you get the shampoo bar in the mail simple cut it into triangles and use one at a time.  You wet your hair and roll it all over your head and let it sit.  I wash my hair in the shower to save time but if you go to a beauty shop, take the soap with you and insist that they use it.  When you rinse you will see IMMEDIATELY how soft and clean your hair feels!  I personally oil my scalp wet by simply rubbing the Mali shea on my hands and putting it on the top and brushing back to style.  I slap on a du rag and keep it on until I'm ready to go!  

When I take it off I have these beautiful waves and my scalp is clean and dandruff free! 


Aloe Vera Shampoo bars & Mali Shea Butter is the PERFECT ONE TWO PUNCH for people with or without hair growth problems!

1 Package of Aloe Vera Shampoo & 

1 Package Mali Shea Butter is


and speaking of shipping... PLEASE READ THE SMALL PRINT:


PLEASE NOTE I PERSONALLY WILL SHIP YOUR ITEMS DIRECTLY FROM SENEGAL - PROOF OF SHIPPING AND USPS TRACKING WILL BE PROVIDED.  I am not Jeff Bezos from Amazon, the Alibaba Dude or Tiger Direct... building a DOS NATION & GETTING TO THAT LEVEL TAKES TIME so your items won't be delivered in 3 days! lol!  

Our packages have to go thru US Customs so it's more like 3 to 4 weeks BUT DON'T WORRY - WE HAVE 100% TRACK RECORD!

and it WILL BE DELIVERED!  This is what a typical shipment looks like - 

NOTE the COOL Senegalese Stamps you can keep for souvenirs!!



Seriously though, be patient, Pan Africanism isn't quick & easy but it's doable & IF YOU'RE PATIENT IT'S WORTH IT!   

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  • Nurri
    Mar 17, 2020, 11:13 AM

    How are you
    What are the ingredients in your aloe soap bar? The one that you use to clean your scalp and hair

    Mar 19, 2020, 10:48 AM

    Hello Nuri and thanks for writing! Sorry I didn't see this sooner! Soap is made with lye - every soap that's going to clean something has lye, so that's number 1. Number 2 is Aloe Vera from the plant, not chemicals and #3 is shea butter

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