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SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal BLACK HAIR DYE to cover GREY & LINT in NATURAL DREADLOCS & HAIR! $30 for 20 packages with FREE GLOVES! WeBuyBlack.com Convention! 100% NATURAL PLANT DYE, not Henna, NO CHEMICALS!

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GREETINGS from SenegalStyle! & AfricanHerbal! 

This is ME and I want to share with you what I use on my locs.  As you can see, I only have the back and ends of my hair locked, not the top/front and there's no particular reason for that - only that I like to be different!  It gives me more style options as I am a professional (DOS American) business person in the tourism industry and also design a fashion clothing line.  

and I need to always look neat and my hair 'tressed' as they call it here in Africa, nicely.  I design AND MANUFACTURE a plus size clothing line of pants and tops for women that want to wear African style clothing but in an 'American' way - comfortable, fashionable, one of a kind African fabrics.




So anyway, I dyed my hair with a shampoo/dye that's used here locally this weekend - 2 boxes, 20 packages and doggone it, ONE SPOT didn't completely cover the grey! I had a plastic bag on my hair for maybe 18hrs or so to make sure it soaked in really well. Slept overnight with it on and nope, it didn't fall out!

It's actually a sold as a product for me here, but I tried it, and MAN OH MAN... (pun intended!) it REALLY WORKS GREAT!  This is about my 2nd year using it and I decided to share it here on WeBuyBlack.com!  Here is a link to our other items: 


Here are some additional photos of my hair, dyed at various other times, using this product:


This is my hair before, (below); it seems like a lifetime ago!  

I had skinny locs back then (I cut them and started over).  I'm a natural brunette and I LOVED my hair color BUT as I got older, I started getting grey.  Being here in Africa, brown henna or other natural coloring is no where to be found... I didn't want to dye it and risk my hair falling out so I turned to black henna first and that didn't work out too well.  I had to buy a gazillion packages and it always ran out in the market and I was stuck... then I found this men's product and I'm HAPPY TO SHOW YOU that works SO MUCH BETTER than henna, it's FANTASTIC!



and this is my hair down:


YES LADIES, I'll be posting my clothing line soon!  

($55 including shipping for the African wrap skirts!

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    Same price, no additonal charge!  Southern Africa, Asia & Australia and Eastern Europe will incur an additional fee.  Please notify me in advance if you live outside the areas specifically listed above.  20180516_144741.jpg

    Thanks so much for choosing to purchase with SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal! 

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    Please notify us directly that you are unhappy with your item.  AfricanHerbal products are of course, food/medical items that cannot be returned for public safety reasons but SenegalStyle clothing items and things that are not consumed can be returned for a full refund to an address in the US.  


    Thank you for LOOKING and have a GREAT WEEK! 

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    WWB13 - Black Hair Dye

Looking at the web page I didn't realize it was all natural WITHOUT HENNA, it's good for dandruff and has aloe vera as well! There's no chemicals either... here are the ingredients:

Ok so here are the details:  

Ingredients: Noni Extract, Wild Ginseng Extract, Wild Ganoderma Lucidum, Olive Oil Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Ayurvedic Herbs, Fleece-flower Root, Vitamin E&K, deionized water, fragrance.

NO CHEMICALS!  DO YOU SEE THAT?  I'm an 'all natural' kinda gal.  I don't wear makeup and aside from dying my hair, what you see is what you get.  I have used this product with good results for 2 years to make SURE there were no problems and the results were consistent.

They are AND for my Muslim friends:  It's 100% HALAL!  


I will send you 20 packages, unboxed so it will be about 1lb shipping weight.  The boxes just add extra weight and instead of paying for that, I can send extra packages of dye, making it an even 20!  



This should last you guys (and gals!) at least a year... 20 packs is a good & solid amount and simply touch up just around the front or where your grey spots come back whenever you need it. You don't need to use as much as I do, obviously, unless you have thick locs down to your thighs like I do!  Also you can add a little water to it, that's what I do to make a large cup of dye. 


This is what it looks like, black with another creamy color that's conditioner.  You have to mix it up really well first and be careful with it on your hands, it will stain.  This is why 

I'm sending FREE GLOVES!  

I'd say 3 to 5 packs for the average person with mid-length locs, but start at the front and put it all over your hair.  Then cover with a plastic cap TIGHTLY and leave in for at least a couple of hours the first time.  It says 5 minutes on the box but I think that's for caucasian/asian people that don't want permanent black color.


If you need it to be permanent and BLACK BLACK BLACK like mine, test your hair first in one section before going all out.  I did it slowly and longer because I had 'virgin' hair.  

I never dyed it until maybe 5 years ago - the first time (this is when it was still brown)


For black hair care you can leave it on for as long as you feel comfortable.  I'm always nervous so it took me awhile to built up to overnight and half a day but I know my hair needs longer to cover this GORILLA GREY I've got, especially near my ears and I touch it up as necessary in between with a toothbrush!

Also look closely at how completely black it is (photos above). 

My hair turned out really nicely didn't it? (Thanks Medina!) I'm naturally a brunette - dark brown hair, but this black totally 100% covers it all of it. All the grey is gone but that small spot that probably got rubbed off by the plastic bag and I didn't have any more to touch it up - I just bought 5 boxes yesterday and the expiration date is 2022 so it lasts a good long time.


REMEMBER: if you are a naturalista like me, the package also says it's 'natural' and because it is I can leave it in for long periods of time.  It doesn't come in any other colors, only black unfortunately but I am here to say and give you photo proof like I always do... 

this stuff is FANTASTIC!

See our OTHER SenegalStyle & AfricanHerbal products on WeBuyBlack.com!  


I get it at a beauty supply store by the post office. Yes it's black owned! lol! Everything in Senegal is!


The cost is $30 including shipping and I'll send you 20 packs AND FREE GLOVES!

Product questions

  • Eb
    Feb 16, 2020, 01:34 AM

    How long does the color last for before the dye?

    Feb 22, 2020, 09:15 AM

    Hello Eb and thanks; that's a great question! I just did my hair 3 days ago actually and it's lasting about 6 months for me and I rinse with hot water every day when I take a shower. I have long, thick dreads to my thighs so I use about 15 packs (you receive 20) and add water to it so it's enough. If you stir it up really well and let it sit it expands. There's conditioning shampoo within the package so knead it thoroughly before you open it. Squeeze out in a cup then cover your hair starting with the grey in front. That's my worse area and I have to dye it several times to beat it back to black! lol!

    So personally, I cover all my hair, put it in a plastic bag, and sleep with it overnight. The next day I take the bag off REDO THE FRONT because 9x out of 10 if I don't the grey will be poking out again in a few weeks. I reapply the black dye AGAIN in the front and top. Remember this is NATURAL PLANT DYE - NOT A CHEMICAL, so my hair doesn't fall out from the excessive dye.

    NOTE: this is not recommended on the package! lol! This is what I personally do and my hair stays black for months and months and months because it gets a GOOD DYE on the locs. My grey in the front is another matter! lol! 6 months max is as long as it seems to stay then I've got to do it again! lol!

    SIDE NOTE: I use Moringa every day for my health, including my hair. Here's a link to over 100+ other AfricanHerbal items on WeBuyBlack.com including a Moringa Oil/Moringa Powder Hair Mask:


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Hello and GREETINGS from SenegalStyle/AfricanHerbal!  I will ship your product DIRECTLY from Dakar, Senegal, West Africa PERSONALLY.  It will have the official USPS tracking label and I will send you a photo as proof of shipping, showing the stamped package (with Senegal stamps!) and tracking number.  I will also send a photo of the package via paypal or whatever platform you use to make your payment.

A typical package looks like this:


Handwritten by me, with an INSANE number of stamps! lol!  They don't have Pitney Bowes machines here in Senegal!  It's a private company, not international.  I didn't know that until I moved here! 

Anyway, you'll have great souvenirs!


Hello and GREETINGS from SenegalStyle/AfricanHerbal!  I will ship your product DIRECTLY from Dakar, Senegal, West Africa PERSONALLY.  It will have the official USPS tracking label and I will send you a photo as proof of shipping, showing the stamped package (with Senegal stamps!) and tracking number.  I will also send a photo of the package via paypal or whatever platform you use to make your payment.

A typical package looks like this:


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