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3 PACKAGES - 20 TEABAGS - 60 TOTAL! SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal Dr Sebi GRAVIOLA/SOURSOP/SOURSAP Tea for Diabetes, Cancer & Prostate!

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Please take a minute to look at the photos above and read the text.  Our teas are made from 100% AUTHENTIC trees & bushes grown in Africa and these are photos of the Soursop tree next to the tea product!


DIABETES (treatment & prevention)

PROSTATE (men over 40+ need this for PREVENTION as well as treatment)

CANCER & CHEMO (treatment & prevention)

INSOMNIA (not sleeping) 

IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME (constipation, regularity and gut problems) 

GOUT (Uric Acid)

BACK PAIN (a non-narcotic remedy)


ANTI-PARASITE & INTESTINAL WORMS (maintain the AfricanHerbal cleanse)

SKIN PROBLEMS (eczema, boils even lice - use old teabags in affected area)

ARTHRITIS & RHEUMATISM (pain and inflammation)

HEALING PROPERTIES for WOUNDS (I'm amazed at how quickly I healed after a scooter accident) 

HAIR LOSS - (grows hair)

DIET & WEIGHT LOSS - (diuretic properties REALLY REALLY WORK - this should be first not last!)

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I can tell you all kinds of stuff about Graviola, called Soursop in the western world and Corossol in West Africa, specifically, Senegal where this comes from.  GROWN & MANUFACTURED IN SENGEGAL this is 100% FUBU - For Us By Us!  My name is Sineta George and you can easily verify me and my business with a quick background search.  I am from Pensacola, FL but now live in Senegal (20+ years).  I have partnered with a local co-op that grows these HEALING TREES, bushes & plants and makes FRESH TEABAGS out of the LEAVES.  They are CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER, to my specifications weekly and DELIVERED to my door!  

I have a real life African WEED MAN lol!  I love Africa!

Here is a link to our OTHER SenegalStyle & AfricanHerbal products! 


These are the colors of the Senegalese flag!  


PLEASE NOTE I PERSONALLY WILL SHIP YOUR ITEMS DIRECTLY FROM SENEGAL - PROOF OF SHIPPING AND USPS TRACKING WILL BE PROVIDED.  I am not Jeff Bezos from Amazon, the Alibaba Dude or Tiger Direct... building a DOS NATION & GETTING TO THAT LEVEL TAKES TIME so your items won't be delivered in 3 days! lol!  

Our packages have to go thru US Customs so it's more like 3 weeks BUT DON'T WORRY - WE HAVE 100% TRACK RECORD!

and it WILL BE DELIVERED!  This is what a typical shipment looks like - NOTE the COOL Senegalese Stamps you can keep for souvenirs!!



Seriously though, be patient, Pan Africanism isn't quick & easy but it's doable!  

Re these healing teas:  I had a serious blood pressure problem since I had my last child (pre-eclampsia).  One of the reasons I settled here was because of the peaceful and calm lifestyle I found when I came for a month as a tourist.  When I moved here permanently I went to a local Senegalese pharmacist to get under a modified treatment plan since I no longer had access to medications from America.  What a GOD SEND!  He was the first of MANY physicians that 'prescribed' natural therapies along with my regular medications for this and other ailments that are now pretty much cured.  I was eventually able to wean myself off of taking them daily because my blood pressure it's now controlled by a special blend that I have made, Bissap/Ginger tea, which I will post on another page.  

You won't believe it until you get your own information about Graviola/Soursop and you WON'T BELIEVE how much BETTER YOU'LL FEEL until you start drinking this tea regularly - hot in the morning, iced slushy style (how I like it, sweetened) or as southern style iced tea in the evening, hot for insomnia around 9pm.  ALL THE TEAS ARE CAFFEINE FREE. 

Graviola/Soursop... this is what it looks like and THIS is truly a MIRACLE FRUIT especially when it comes to Diabetes, Men's Prostate and Cancer. 


Every Senegalese person knows about this and they eat this fruit regularly and feed it to their children for prevention of diabetes & cancer. 

I'm so pleased to be able to offer it to you in an easy to use teabag! 



This is but one of QUITE A FEW of the items on Dr Sebi's list that we have growing here, PESTICIDE FREE and non-GMO in Senegal! 

If you've been looking for a way to get 100% organic Soursop into your diet, DRINKING IT may be the way to go! I am also showing our one of our local Corossola/Soursop drink mixes (above the video) as well for children until they get used to the taste.  

You can get both items, 12 packages of drink mix and 2 packages of Corossol/Soursop tea (20 tea bags a package for a total of 40!) and try them both 


3 packages of Soursop Tea, 20 per package, for a total of 60 teabags!  Just let me know your preference and I'll HOOK YOU UP! 

Product questions

  • Antwan
    Mar 28, 2020, 04:49 AM

    Hi, I’m new to Soursop and am amazed buy the benefits that I’ve heard about. From watching your video I found out something new which was about back pain and dark spots on the face. The question I have is, how do you apply it topically? Do I mix it with something such as a oil to make a paste of some sort? Your page is very informative and I will definitely be sharing it on my social media platform to family and friends. Hope to hear jack from you soon.


    A. D. Johnson

    Mar 29, 2020, 08:59 AM

    Hello Antwan and thanks for writing!

    Please note I have a $55.50 'Corona V Ain't Getting Me' package that's FULL of IMMUNE BOOSTING PRODUCTS you and your family could probably use right about now:

    3 packages of Soursop Graviola/Corossol teabags - 60 total; $25.50 retail value separately
    3 packages of Moringa Oleifera/Nebeday tea - 60 total
    $25.50 retail value separately
    2 packages of Moringa Oleifera powder - 400grams which is about a 2 year's supply so there's another to share with an elderly person
    $25.50 retail value EACH for a total of $51
    1 package of Negro Pepper/Xylopia Aethiopica - herbal 'sticks' of pepper you put in tea, coffee and to use in cooking soups and stews
    $10.50 retail value; Regular price: 1lb for $25.50


    Here is the link to purchase that you can pass along to your family and friends:

    I use Moringa powder and tea for back pain and Mali shea butter/black soap for my skin. I boil Moringa tea bags with the Soursop teabags so I don't know the benefits separately.

    Take a look at the info/special above and maybe you can simply google regarding the black marks.

    There's a good video on the health benefits of Moringa on that link above as well.

    Sineta George
    Doin' it SenegalStyle!

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Hello and GREETINGS from SenegalStyle/AfricanHerbal!  I will ship your product DIRECTLY from Dakar, Senegal, West Africa PERSONALLY.  It will have the official USPS tracking label and I will send you a photo as proof of shipping, showing the stamped package (with Senegal stamps!) and tracking number.  I will also send a photo of the package via paypal or whatever platform you use to make your payment.

A typical package looks like this:


Handwritten by me, with an INSANE number of stamps! lol!  They don't have Pitney Bowes machines here in Senegal!  It's a private company, not international.  I didn't know that until I moved here! 

Anyway, you'll have great souvenirs!


Hello and GREETINGS from SenegalStyle/AfricanHerbal!  I will ship your product DIRECTLY from Dakar, Senegal, West Africa PERSONALLY.  It will have the official USPS tracking label and I will send you a photo as proof of shipping, showing the stamped package (with Senegal stamps!) and tracking number.  I will also send a photo of the package via paypal or whatever platform you use to make your payment.

A typical package looks like this:


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