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SIZE 5 (hard 2find rite?) SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal Non-Monsanto/Chemical Based BABY DIAPERS means NO Diaper Rash! 24lbs to 55lbs - 11k to 25k for 26 BABY/TODDLER/POTTY TRAINING (NIGHT TIME) DIAPERDIAPERS for $35.50 INCLUDING SHIPPING!

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WEIGHT  11k to 25k / 24 lbs to 55lbs - 2lbs, 26 pcs FOR $35.50 INCLUDING SHIPPING


  I live in Dakar, Senegal although I am American, from Pensacola, FL!  (google Sineta George!)  I'm in the tourism business here in Senegal and also have a wholesale manufacturing company called SenegalStyle.

Anyway, I was on fakebook this morning and came across a post about Huggies diapers and just out curiosity I looked up the prices at Walmart... I almost spilled my (organic!) Soursop tea!  Wow - I had no idea they were so expensive!  

Grandbaby is now 2.5ys old & fully potty trained and I only use these at night to insure he doesn't wet the bed... he doesn't.  The diapers are clean every morning!  GOOD BOY!  

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I have a grandchild, a boy, shown above, also named Sineta and this is a photo of him with an extremely wet diaper! lol!  I took that picture to shame his Senegalese mom (my youngest son decided to live in Senegal as well, marry and start a family here rather than go back to our hometown in Pensacola).  So Baby Sineta used this brand of diaper, it's reasonably priced and he's never gotten a diaper rash.  It occurred to me that it's probably the diapers and diaper rash is environmental because as I talked about it on my fbook page I remembered that I've not ever seen a case of diaper rash here personally.  Seriously.

These are the diapers we use on my Grandson Sineta and I'm telling you, Hand to God he hasn't had a diaper rash yet!

FULL DISCLOSURE: We also don't use 'baby wipes' we wash his butt with soap and water, dry and use Mali shea butter (I do - his mother, not so much!) but anyway, using Mali shea butter every day after bathing gives him a protective coating that is probably helping keep him from diaper rash.  I want to be honest - babies are IMPORTANT so I this needs to be clear:  the fact that he hasn't had a rash could be the COMBO of Monsanto free diapers & Mali Shea Butter!

We have diapers that are just as good as Huggies at half the price even shipped it's going to be cheaper and you'll GET MORE TOO!

These are five sizes available, Preemie, regular N
ewborn, size 3, 4 and 5.   Because of Corona there has been more bulk sized diapers ordered on the service so we will now be shipping by WEIGHT - no matter the size, $35.50 including shipping so I'm able to drop the price!

Here are the others - it's a good thing diapers don't weigh much!  

size 3, for babies 5 to 10 kilos or 11lbs to 22lbs  

 size 4 for babies 9 to 18 kilos or 20lbs to 39.6lbs

Size 5 for babies 24lbs to 55 lbs 




1. Keeps moisture and loose stools away from your baby's delicate skin so they are well protected. Baby is not at risk of getting any disease.

2. Absorbent channels help distribute moisture evenly for better absorption. Your child will always be at ease with the quality nappies that Jumia offers you.

3. As soft as silk

4. Best quality diapers (agreed!)

NOTE: These do NOT have the same chemicals that American diapers have, that may be another reason they don't cause diaper rash. I don't hear anyone else talking about diaper rash... not saying that it doesn't happen here but I'm not seeing babies with it and I used to work in a Montessori/nursery school.

I never thought about that before... it's the DIAPERS FOLKS - AND THE BABY WIPES that are probably causing it!  I'll post our local baby WIPES later, I've seen them but don't use them a lot.  I bought one package last week to add to my Corona Cache and they're fine; not harsh at all.

Anyway, change the way you buy diapers, change your baby with these instead and see if the rash goes away (or baby never gets one!). Use the Mali shea butter too if baby already has a rash and stop with the chemical ointments.

Here's a link to our other WeBuyBlack.com items, including the Mali Shea Butter:


If baby's rash goes away, you know it's the diapers.   It's a win/win for you and baby!

PLEASE feel free to message me and I'll answer as soon as I see it.  PLEASE NOTE THE PACKAGES WILL BE SHIPPED FROM SENEGAL (W. Africa) where I now live.  I have attached photos above of a shipment that went out last week so you can see what the package will look like (last 3 pictures).  It shows a Vermont return address in case there's a problem.  That's the address of one of our distributors in the US.  It's easier to have items go to her than come all the way back to Senegal.  This is not an item that she will have in Vermont so again, I will be shipping directly from here and I PERSONALLY hand write and package every single item myself.  I take numerous photos, preshipping as well as shipping and send to you so you can see we're legit and your order is being processed like everyone else's. 

I take them to our local post office and stamp it myself and affix the USPS tracking label (photo 10).  Everything is 100% transparent and above board and NO USPS delivery is not going to be 3 to 5 days even though our shipping leaves here and arrives OVERNIGHT at JFK airport in New York.  First they go thru US Customs clearance and then it's distributed to the national USPS office, then their regional and local hubs.  It will be longer, usually 3 weeks.  'Shipping' time is usually 1 or 2 days turnaround for me, it's the USPS that delivers in the United States, not SenegalStyle!  

I am not Jeff Bezos and SenegalStyle isn't Amazon... I don't have drones that fly across the Atlantic ocean or a distribution hub set up in the States.  I'm just a single (divorced) mom from Pensacola, Florida that moved to Africa in 1999!

Cut me some slack and be patient - your order is coming thru snail mail! haha!  I'm just trying to help my folks out back home by sharing these WONDERFUL PRODUCTS I come across here in Senegal!  

Thanks for looking and have a GREAT WEEK!

Product questions

  • Nicole Pinckney
    Feb 29, 2020, 04:15 AM

    Are these disposable diapers??

    Mar 5, 2020, 03:26 AM

    Hello Nicole and thanks for writing! Yes, they are disposable and VERY VERY absorbent! i'm going to send you a photo in email of my grandson who decided to do a deep dive into a trash barrel that I use to store emergency water. It was hot outside and we had been to the post office and walking around the market. He is 2yrs old and we were both hot, dusty and tired. (I'm American but I live in sub Saharan Africa, Senegal, West Africa). My son grew up here, married a local girl and decided to stay and start a family rather than go back to the US).

    ANYWAY so he made a bee line for the back of the house, went thru the back door where I'm still in prepper mode from living in hurricane alley (Pensacola, FL) most of my life, and he took the top off and climbed in with all his clothes, diaper, shoes, everything! haha! Funniest thing ever! His mom was going crazy and I just said leave him - he's already wet take his shoes off and let him enjoy himself.

    He stayed out there and played for a long time and now I see I don't have to buy him a baby pool for the summer! lol!

    MY POINT: so he had his diaper on as I mentioned above. When I finally took him out I noticed that it didn't come apart, tear or have pieces of bubbly chemicals floating around the water... nothing. I was extremely full though, obviously, of water and it was holding ALOT. I lay the baby on the table to dry him off, put some Karite'' all over him; (Mali, we use Mali shea butter here and it's EXCELLENT for baby's hair and skin, he's never had a diaper rash, never!). Got him dressed and picked up the old diaper. It WEIGHED A TON! Still, no leaching of product material though, it was more absorbent that I have ever seen. I'm 60yrs old... 3 children of my own, and I worked in a Montessori nursery back in the day so I have seen my share of leaky diapers.

    These aren't tho.

    It was curious and I weighed it. It was 4.2 kilos, i still remember, which is about 9.25lbs! 9 and a quarter lbs - that's why it was so heavy, FULL OF WATER!

    IT'S THE MOST AMAZING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN - And I've seen a lot of products here that amazed me because we don't have a LOT of stuff that Africans and Europeans have (which is why I put a gazillion products up here on WeBuyBlack.com!)

    These diapers however, will always be at the top of my list! Oh another thing... you aren't going to believe me and maybe because I'm 'grandma' I don't see as many but I buy them to keep at my house and they stayed with me the first year and then took an apartment upstairs. The tabs are Velcro not tape so they ALWAYS WORK. I haven't seen a defective diaper yet and they fit so nicely too. Very neat and clean looking, lightweight but highly absorbent. It's a rare day that it leaks and that was when he was teething and mom was sloppy about getting his diaper on properly. It didn't completely cover his butt so yes, yellow slime came down his leg! lol! Other than that though, Baby Sineta has been straight.


    I'd highly recommend you give these a try Nicole. You can leave them on longer too - his mom drives me nuts saying to leave him wet and don't change him so much but it's really not necessary, the diapers are so absorbent, she's right. They are a young couple on a budget and she doesn't want to waste diapers but you'll see, you can leave your Baby Genisis a little longer with the diapers and it will save you money overall, in the long run.

    You'll see they are worth the cost!

    Whew... long answer huh?! lol!

    My name is Sineta George and please, google me if you want so you can see who I am and what I'm doing here. I'm not a crazy person and we're legit. I run a tourism business here in Senegal/Africa but if you order from me, you'll get your products, I'm not a scammer!

    Take care and have a great weekend Nicole!


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