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SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal VENTOLINE (sale priced & brand new) ASTHMA INHALERS! Unlimited Supply so STOCK UP NOW!

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Asthma inhalers... 

I was told they can be almost $100 each. These are the same but I have access to Salbutamol here, (they relax the airwaves without steroids or cortisones). If your insurance doesn't cover inhalers, you can get them from us here at SenegalStyle.  

TO BE CLEAR I AM A DOS AMERICAN ORIGINALLY FROM PENSACOLA, FLORIDA.  I moved to Dakar, Senegal with my 3 children (divorced mom, no child support blah blah) and I have been here ever since.  Because of my many business and personal connections I can get an UNLIMITED AMOUNT of items from the PHARMACY, legitimate medications


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 Image result for pharmacie guigon   

All I do is tell her (usually 'her' pharmacists here which is kinda cool!) and what it's for and they sell me whatever I need.  My son USED TO HAVE... let that marinate, USED TO HAVE Asthma.  

The doctors here CURED HIM using MORINGA CAPSULES & MORINGA TEA.  He no longer uses inhalers and in fact, I've given them away!  Moringa is called Nebeday here but you can see on the brown part of the package (Moringa) and infusettes means teabags.  Each package has 20 teabags and I have posted this tea 


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These items are available on our other SenegalStyle WeBuyBlack.com posts here: 


2 for $35.00 including shipping and just order every couple of months so you have them in the mail.

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You can order 2, 4, 6, 8 or 20 - it doesn't matter,

 just ORDER 

and I've got you! I don't believe that inhalers to help people 


should cost $80 to $100 in AMERICA!  

That's RIDICULOUS! I'll send you 2 for $35...Not One but TWO

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Doctors here prescribe inhalers as a last resort AFTER MORINGA... let that marinade. I'll publish a clinical study below if you need to see the science. If you want to know a FACT I cured my (adult) son's using Moringa capsules and a lot of other people in Senegal don't have symptoms anymore either, including is boss, also American, who told me she was cured USING MORINGA as well.


This is the important part of the research regarding Moringa & Asthma: 

"Clinical findings from Moringa for ASTHMA & URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS/YEAST/GIRL PROBLEMS! ".. While there is a growing body of literature for the nutraceutical activity of M. oleifera, a majority of the studies that have been con- ducted are in vitro and in vivo. Few clinical studies have demonstrated that M. oleifera can protect humans against diseases and production of free radicals (Agrawal & Mehta, 2008;Maurya & Singh, 2014). Agrawal and Mehta (2008) found that patients that were administered fine powder of M. oleifera seed kernels (in a dose of 3 g for 3 weeks) had appreciable decrease in severity of symptoms of bronchial asthma and simultaneous improvement in respiratory functions. ...

. . Agrawal and Mehta (2008) found that patients that were administered fine powder of M. oleifera seed kernels (in a dose of 3 g for 3 weeks) had appreciable decrease in severity of symptoms of bronchial asthma and simultaneous improvement in respiratory functions. While in another study, Maurya & Singh (2014) found that patients treated with a de- coction of 40 mL M. oleifera stems and bark (made by boiling 15 g of coarse powder in 100 mL water) twice daily had lower symptom of urinary infection compared to control group after 21 days. .."

Another thing, doctors here don't want their patients to get hooked on them - long term use of inhalers is dangerous.  You know that...  so they caution them to change diet, take Moringa in pill/powder or teas and move triggers such as dust or certain plants. 

I never saw anyone here in Senegal whip out an inhaler except my son and that was rare, last resort and then I gave him the Moringa treatments and ended up sending alladat stuff to a customer in America that needed it for her daughter in law. 

He doesn't need it anymore. It's just that simple. 

 These are an over the counter item here, no prescription needed so you can get as many as you want, 2 for $35 bucks!

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If you were waiting on that tax refund to stock up on meds, ASK ME FIRST what (else) I can send you and I'll check to see if we've got the same or similar and save yourself some money! 

Small print: 


PLEASE NOTE I PERSONALLY WILL SHIP YOUR ITEMS DIRECTLY FROM SENEGAL - PROOF OF SHIPPING AND USPS TRACKING WILL BE PROVIDED.  I am not Jeff Bezos from Amazon, the Alibaba Dude or Tiger Direct... building a DOS NATION & GETTING TO THAT LEVEL TAKES TIME so your items won't be delivered in 3 days! lol!  

Our packages have to go thru US Customs so it's more like 3 weeks BUT DON'T WORRY - WE HAVE 100% TRACK RECORD!

and it WILL BE DELIVERED!  This is what a typical shipment looks like - NOTE the COOL Senegalese Stamps you can keep for souvenirs!!



Seriously though, be patient, Pan Africanism isn't quick and easy but it's doable!  

Re these healing teas:  I had a serious blood pressure problem since I had my last child (pre-eclampsia).  One of the reasons I settled here was because of the peaceful and calm lifestyle I found when I came for a month as a tourist.  When I moved here permanently I went to a local Senegalese pharmacist to get under a modified treatment plan since I no longer had access to medications from America.  What a GOD SEND!  He was the first of MANY physicians that 'prescribed' natural therapies along with my regular medications for this and other ailments that are now pretty much cured.  I was eventually able to wean myself off of taking them daily because my blood pressure it's now controlled by a special blend that I have made, Bissap/Ginger tea, which I will post separately here on WeBuyBlack.com


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