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I'm DOS originally from Pensacola, FL living in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa for 20+years. I have started several businesses here including the products I'll be selling on WeBuyBlack based on the AUTHENTIC & 100% AFRICAN herbal/healing products I was introduced to by the LOVELY Senegalese people that kindly took this single mom of 3 American children into their country! Our AfricanHerbal items all grow naturally/wild here in Senegal, are totally ORGANIC and NON GMO. The teas, like Soursop 4 diabetes for example, are caffeine free and are therefore more pure/potent and have no fillers so the teabags can be used several times before discarding. I also design and manufacture my own clothing line for plus size men & women. In addition I am a WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR with over 100+ items with low minimum order amounts so people can buy samples and determine what would be best for them to sell on their own online e-commerce businesses. Many of these items I will be listing are available for wholesale and I will list both options when appropriate. You can find ALL our SenegalStyle products listed by simply using the site search engine using 'SenegalStyle' and our items should come up. I will be using our name in every listing so it will be easy to see all our new items as we post them. For people that would like to visit Senegal with an eye towards immigration outside of the US/UK/Islands, I personally run a repatriation and immigration program that focuses SPECIFICALLY on the needs of our people so they can come up with an exit plan based on reality and common sense. You come for one week first to get a run down of the country, take tours and look at business opportunities. If you would like to buy land we can arrange a visit to the best areas (with legit land title) so you can develop in YOUR MIND what you need to do when you get back to the US, to make your personal dream come true. I don't set people up to fail here... I don't. If you come to and thru SenegalStyle we will help you every step of the way including financing land if you aren't as liquid as you need to be. If you are not a resident with assets, just like in any other country, you cannot get a loan. HOWEVER as Senegal is a majority Muslim country, interest is frowned up for everyone, not just them so whatever the land price is at closing, that's what it will be FOREVER and that's the total amount you will pay, plus taxes of course, realtor fees and paying for the land legalization process when it's paid off. Senegal is the #1 DOS FRIENDLY country in Africa and no one knows about it, flock to Ghana and are in a lot of cases, disappointed with what they find. Infrastructure MEANS SOMETHING (clean running water, 24/7 electricity, wifi & telephone service) and it's important. So is having the ability to have the same freedoms within the country as everyone else, including buying land and having a clear and honest path to citizenship if that's what you want. I have PERSONALLY bought googobs of land, near the ocean, here in Senegal, in MY NAME, Sineta George and the name of my son Jonathan George. (Google us for background info that's easy to find, public and accessible. I have nothing to hide!) We are 100% American, no Senegalese nationality and we participate in all the fruits of our labor in the country just like anyone else. I'm proud of my DOS heritage and Senegal is so open to us there's no requirement or reason to change or acquire citizenship unless I wanted to vote... which I don't. I have a Senegalese driver's license, mind my business and do my thing in my corner of their world. The internal politics of Senegal is none of my business so I see no reason to do the paperwork to be perfectly honest! My children went to Senegalese schools, graduated, they speak 3 languages and are fine being American! 2 went back to the US for college and my youngest stayed here and helped me build our business. He's 25 now and has no interest in returning to the US to live so we are building an American enclave on our property, along with 4 other American women. (Google Fab Five +1 to read our backstories). SIDE NOTE: The Youth Olympics will be hosted by Senegal in 2022 so we (my +1 son and I) are building a guest house for the families of American athletes coming to support their loved ones near the new the Olympic Village sites. Senegal is a francophone country and Dakar can be a little expensive particularly if the US dollar is low, so they will need an inexpensive English speaking place/space to relax with their children in a safe and comfortable anglophone environment. We are going to make this happen FOR THEM BY US using this platform, along with others, to RAISE FUNDS for construction. The land as I said, has already been bought and 100% paid for out of our own money. We are donating one portion of the land for this endeavor and afterwards will keep and upgrade it into permanent apartment complexes for other DOS families that want to relocate to Senegal permanently. It's VERY NICE to meet you all and I appreciate you reading about our 'blackground' and history and I hope you will contribute to the cause and purchase our SenegalStyle and AfricanHerbal products! Sineta George Doin' it SenegalStyle! #webuyblackSenegalStyle

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