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SILK2 Natural Perfection "Perfect ROOTS" Scalp Nourishment

SILK2 Natural Perfection "Perfect ROOTS" Scalp Nourishment

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The nature of natural hair care and styling is respect for what IS. The scalp IS naturally healthy, but it can't stay that way without nourishment and protection. Perfect Roots accomplishes this but with other benefits that make it the choice of many at home users as well as SILK2 natural hair stylists.

In fact, most SILK2 professionals prefer ROOTS for all types of hair styles, natural or relaxed. It's super light, easy to apply and never too oily.

Simply apply Perfect Roots directly to the scalp 2 to 3 times per week.  Perfect Roots can help to promote healthy hair growth and provide the scalp with a bed of moisturizing essential oils.

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