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Raymond S. King Jr. is the creator of the Simplee Natural  “full body” moisturizing creme and lotion, along with over 40 other products which has  been sold throughout the country since 1988. His very  first product was a wick type deodorizer which he produced while being  employed as a paramedic. This introduction to manufacturing lead him on the quest to produce  products that would rival and surpass similar products on the market.  The variation of products he produces include household and industrial  cleaners, a variety of deodorizers, hair & skin care products, and  some very unique specialty products including a very effective topical  sports and muscle rub and an industrial odor neutralizer that will even  eliminate skunk odor. His products have been sold in over 23 states and three countries  outside of the United States.

With our exposure and experience in  addressing the need of people who deal with dry skin & hair, we know  that many products on the market just don’t offer the results people  are yearning and paying hard earned money for. It is said that some of the most successful products have been those  that are made for a particular purpose but have been found to be  beneficial for an entirely different or expanded application. Such is  the case of our newest product… Simplee Natural “Full Body” moisturizer. As the story goes, Mr. King wanted to produce a product with natural  ingredients that would effectively soften and condition feet. The  results was not only producing a product that would provide the best  conditioning for feet, it actually provides the same benefit for the  entire body.

Finally, Simplee Natural is one product that can be used  from “head to toe” and eliminate dry "ashen" skin and dry brittle hair. Because of the tremendous positive reaction we have experienced from  the preliminary exposure of Simplee Natural, we have decided to put  forth efforts to further expose this product and make it a house-hold  name. Because of its uniqueness and effectiveness, we know that millions  will benefit by using Simplee Natural, the world’s first and only “full  body’ moisturizer. Our goal is to offer this product nationwide and internationally to  those who would benefit from the use of “one” product that will do the  job of many, a product that is uniquely effective, and also want to take  advantage of the opportunity to become an affiliate and generate income by sharing the product  with others. Go to  or

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