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Hi there! And thank you so much for stopping by Skin By Pure. I created this company because I know the importance of having a healthy, holistic lifestyle, and at times that can be expensive. Did you know that 26 SECONDS after putting something on your skin, it is then in your blood stream? Crazy! That is why is is so important to use products that are safe, organic, and real. How many times have you read the label of a product and had no clue as to what the ingredients are? Probably more times than not. Skin By Pure was created upon the foundation, mission, and belief to provide our customers with the absolute best quality skincare products for a price that is reasonable.
For the longest time I suffered from acne, dry skin, and skin that I was not proud to show off unless I had on makeup, which as a result was adding even more toxins and chemicals to my daily beauty regimen! I strongly advocate the use of organic products for all households. My hope is that I can provide individuals and families with the products and information needed in order to achieve this. The truth of the matter is that many simply do not realize how toxic mainstream products are. And my goal is to change that. I have personal tried every product for sale and am 100% confident in each of the items. Our products are made without toxic chemicals, preservatives, and ingredients that will strip and dry your skin. The products suit all skin types and are free of Parabans, Phthalates, Triclosan, Sulfates, and other toxic ingredients that not only cause damage to your skin but to your health overall. I encourage you to seek out organic options for not only your beauty collection but your overall health and wellness. 
Many thanks and much love to you all! I am forever grateful for your support!
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Kim Patrick on

Sep 7, 2016

Smells good, feels great!

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