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Strategic Secrets provide success resources to professionals, small business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs so they can make a lasting impact, fund their dreams, and sustain their unique mission, message, or cause.

Our goal is to educate, equip, and empower you with Strategic Secrets — master keys to success in life, business, or ministryLet us show you how to skillfully utilize your unique knowledge, plans, methods, ideas, and resources to create life-changing products, programs, and services online.


The word Strategic means pertaining to or characterized by or essential to strategy. The word Secret means knowledge, plan, method, or formula, etc., known only to the initiated or privileged few.

Therefore, Strategic Secrets are Effective Strategies for Success (knowledge, plans, methods, formulas, tactics, etc.,) that are hidden from the masses but known to initiated or privileged few. We take what has been limited to top achievers (the privileged few) – scholars, athletes, sages, presidents, prophets, and kings, and reveal them to people everywhere trying to achieve success in life and business. 


We simply want you to experience sweet success in your life, business, or ministry. We want you to be effective, strategic, and successful. With our commitment, proven frameworks, and your dreams – you can realize your vision of impacting the world with your mission or message. Your education, expertise, and experiences are all you need. We’ll take care of the rest. Checkout our services or contact us to get started now.

Effective refers to that which is able, adequate, capable, or competent to accomplish or produce the intended (desired) result, purpose, or goal.

Success is the favorable or prosperous attainment or realization of an attempt, endeavor, or goal.

Strategy is the science or art of skillfully combining or utilizing the means, plans, methods, ideas, knowledge, etc., to obtain or achieve the specific goal or result.

Therefore, Effective Success Strategies are the science and art of skillfully utilizing competent and adequate knowledge, plans, methods, resources, ideas, and tools to help you – the professional or entrepreneur, to achieve your BIG goals in life, business, or ministry. We give you the permission to succeed and live life to the fullest.Holiday%20Sale.jpg


After enjoying a successful naval career, Chance pursued a rewarding career in humanitarian relief and has traveled to over 26 countries on 6 continents. He uses his military experience and training to help others discover their passions and pursue meaningful service and career endeavors. He is a graduate of Central Texas College, Andrew Jackson University, Columbia College, and American Graduate University.

Chance and his B.M.W (Beautiful Marvelous Wife), Rhonitta, also enjoy bringing physical and spiritual relief to thousands of suffering and under-served people ― in the U.S. and around the world. They have conducted outreach campaigns in some of the most neglected and at-risk cities in America and in places such as Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Liberia, Suriname, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana ― transforming the lives of thousands of families as a result.

On the home front, he enjoys soccer, tennis, writing, and spending both quality and quantity time with Rhonitta, and their son, Joel. Together, they travel frequently and make their home in Texas.

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