The Renpet Phenomenon an Afrofuturistic collection of novels examining the interaction of African Genetics, Solar Activity and Terrestrial Cosmic Energies...not SciFi.

We work to project Afrofuturistic concepts free of the colonial mind-state of Science Fiction.
Sci-Fi has a tendency to force outcomes from nature through mechanical and chemical means.

We have created a universe of characters who have natural abilities for internal bio-technology endowed by nature.

The Renpet Phenomenon, cycles of cosmically shifting events causing changes in Solar Flare Activity and Cosmic Weather. These events were initiated by Conscious Gases and Etheric Beings, within the womb of space, to usher in the Sun Cycle within Earth’s sector of the All expansive reality of MIND. Bringing a return to Earth’s natural nature and interacting on behalf of their melanated children who were grown from her surface.

Renpet is combination of ancient tones: Ren and Pet

Ren being the utterance of one's energy

Pet being the skies

The utterance from the skies or Year, since Renpet was associated with inundation of the Nile..and Life.

For more information about our platform, through sound and visual projection, follow us @TH3RP on IG!!!

Rise in Excellence,

DjaDja N Medjay
The Renpet Phenomenon

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