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The Legerdemain Volume 1
The Legerdemain Volume 1 The Legerdemain Volume 1 The Legerdemain Volume 1 The Legerdemain Volume 1

The Legerdemain Volume 1

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In each volume Black Herman encounters a new obstacle that he must overcome. Sometimes his services are requested, as in volume 1 when the Weeping Woman task him to find her kidnapped lady love. Sometimes he encounters the darkness on his own wandering path, as in volume 4 when he returns to the Mother Land and encounters demonically possessed lions preying on a village. I mean what could be worse than exorcising a lion?

With each new encounter Black Herman overcomes, he answers the question “Who am I?” and as he works to overcome his ultimate enemy, the shadow of death that looms over him, he embarks on a mission to discover his immortality. In Black Herman’s real autobiography he lets you know that he will never die. He will return every seven years to fight the darkness on this Earth. But while he’s living, he must discover the importance of his immanent return.

Throughout the series you get to see Black Herman who is essentially a dark arts detective, with the powers that he possesses grow into the undying hero that he will ultimately become. And along the way the lives that he impacts range from his love Eva, to Marcus Garvey, to President Calvin Coolidge, to shamans in India, to witch doctors in New Orleans, to Jazz heroes in Harlem, to ninjas in Japan, to– well you get my drift. He leaves his mark of justice and truth all over the world through a mixture of real historical stories that come from Black Herman and Eva themselves, and over the top journeys  that lead to an undying hero’s return decades later when he’s able to say goodbye to his love Eva on her 109th birthday.

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