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Where Does All The Water Go?

Where Does All The Water Go?

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Dr. Pooch Publishing is dedicated to providing holistic health-oriented books/learning materials and products for all ages. Our mission is to make healthy living fun, easy, entertaining and a part of every child’s life. By educating in fun ways, our goal is to impact demographics most afflicted by chronic illness and increase the health-literacy rate amongst children and adults. Dr. Pooch Publishing aims to be a support for the general market, educators and schools. 
The Get Well Johnny 12 part Children's Health-Oriented Book Series is the perfect gift for any child interested or not interested in a holistic healthy lifestyle.

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  • Sugar From Nature is Always Fine!


  • Superfoods Are Super Fun!


  • Whole Food is Better!


  • He Stood Up For Himself


  • Allergy Season


  • The Get Well Johnny 6 set


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